Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Understandable, my comments re Why Big Corporations Are Putting the Brakes on Social Media | Blog | Daily Dose |

Why Big Corporations Are Putting the Brakes on Social Media | Blog | Daily Dose |

there might be good reasons for this.

IMHO, social media engagement need to be top down, rather than bottom up.. especially for big corporations, as social media executives would need to be 'empowered' to engage, escalate, and hopefully resolve potential challenges.. (otherwise, it would just be lip service, which would be counter productive, and created many faux pas..)

but in big corporations, the leaders are generally not really that 'secure' (unless they founded the firm and/or have majority ownership, i.e. tenure not certain, but even so, maximum 3-6years) ... thus, opportunity cost dictates that they should put most energy into

1.) growing the company top & bottom line (esp. for listed firms)
2.) doing the internal & external politics
3.) looking at doing more M&A (either for real growth or to confuse market/shareholders)

than investing into social media..

and sadly, bigger the firm, the more 'old school' the leaders are.. some top guys I know now still don't do their own emails, but with their daily schedules managed down to 10/15minutes slots.. therefore, not likely they would be able to use let alone understand the need of social media...

At the end of the day though, surely this is great opportunities for the smaller/mid size firms as they can use social media to level the playing field.

in fact this is a great status quo, maybe not so for the sudden arrival of multitude of social media experts/gurus who are trying to sell their services.. ;-)

just a thought.



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