Thursday, 24 November 2011

why I still trust & support & keep on using @BlackBerry/RIM (Just! but what might tip me to search for alternative) with pictures..

I have been a crackberry user since RIM/BlackBerry started to move from pager into mobile.. some pictures of our his & her phones below (yes I convinced my other half to use it also due to constant travel, time zones management etc.) below are some thoughts of why I am still supportive of BlackBerry so far but some warnings/concerns for what might tip me/us over.

Why I still like/trust BlackBerry and still aim/want to use it until I have no choice:

1.) Security, the multiple layers of securities, 2much to name, but for those that don't know, if anyone try my pin too many times, and got it wrong, my trusted BlackBerry will erase itself (does not erase the media card though, you thief can still get my hands on my 32GIG of music!)

2.) timezone management, it is a breeze, especially for those weekly (not as much now) in 2/3 timezones, it is a godsend, when we can schedule/check/compare/accept/reject what is demand of us.

3.) totally secure BBM, device & device communication via PIN, despite having 2 technical degree, but without disclosing the standards (perceived weakness now on part of RIM), idea is that our BBM messages is totally secure (despite it is sometimes used to organise family schedules...)

4.) pretty high capacity contact database (mine is now running locally on the RIM at 22,700+ contacts/14meg of data [yes a good proportion of top guys/CXOs, but a lot of not so important like myself]

5.) Precise device, i have not seen any other device that has all the keyboard shortcut AND "autotext" feature that I can use to reply and essentially type paragraphs without really typing it, brilliant!

there is one more but I am not listing ..

when it works, the blackberry rarely crash, i have to admit it is doing more these days but it is with combination of other reasons highlighted below, namely bab 'device memory management' and of course before the almost 1 working week failure, the BlackBerry network rarely crashed!

All-in-all, now that the system is working again, unless something tip it over, I am happy to keep on using blackberry and happy to still recommend them.. with caveat that redundancy is addressed. (but of course the system wide failure could have been a DDOS attack by group/faction/government but RIM cannot publicly admit to the vulnerability, and if so, my sympathy is with them, we have seen that in the gaming technology forum, and they should get in touch with me and maybe share some best practice with RIM).

In order to break the inerstia and for me to ditch oure his & hers:

1.) still bad memory /device management: I personally think RIM has been trying to please & be everything to everyone... despite keep on increasing gigabytes to device and SD card memory, I think the management is still rubbish, and hence we have to pay/buy indpendent application to 'manage' the memory.. now to do it pre-emptive, I also have to daily use these applications, why oh why I have to pay for them and update is beyond me, RIM just buy these companies will you!? : * memory booaster * Battery Saver * Back light * Quick Pull *

2.) blackberry applications, both RIM's own and 3rd party via the app world, sadly there is NO control of the quality but most importantly the size and efficiency of the applications what so ever!!! all typically will double in size everytime the software needs upgrading (2meg to 4meg). it has become ridiculous, so I do not update them, you knew that we will not have space for your free apps, right?

3.) reliability, there has been half day or a day or so breakdown here or there throughout the last 10+years but the last 4days outage was not acceptable. even if blackberry/RIM is not disclosing the reasons, it should be putting all R&D and efforts into making sure that it will NEVER happen again, go and get help if you don't know how... get this sorted!!!

my suggestion is to get better marketing help and strategic positioning, you have great product and just need to improve more and I hope I will still be using you in the coming years..

honest feedback is difficult to hear/listen to, like harsh words from parents for their flesh & blood.. hope this is taken positively.

I really don't want to search ....


signing out

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