Wednesday, 30 November 2011

very thought provoking,more ugly=better leaders!? lets all check ourself & others!?? "How Earlobes Can Signify Leadership Potential -HBR"

How Earlobes Can Signify Leadership Potential - Harvard Business Review:

hhmm.. this is very thought provoking indeed.

do you have your own head shot?? check it out on: what are your score!??

"Subtle asymmetries aside, most research shows that facial symmetry conveys beauty and can help boost careers. How symmetrical is your face? To find out, upload a headshot Here are three CEOs’ results (a perfect score is 10):

Charles Schwab, Charles Schwab: 8.43

Margaret C. Whitman, Hewlett-Packard: 8.25

Jeff Bezos, Amazon: 6.93"

"But our research shows that people with subtle asymmetries—for example, imbalances in ear or finger length—are often better “transformational” leaders, able to inspire followers to put self-interest aside for the good of the group. Furthermore, teams they lead outperform teams whose leaders have more-symmetrical bodies.

These findings add a new twist to the debate about whether effective leaders are born or made. We believe it’s not asymmetry per se that positions people to be good transformational leaders. Instead, we argue, these individuals’ childhood responses to others’ perceptions shape them for success.


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