Saturday, 10 March 2012

maybe finally common sense prevail!!! ISDA Says Greece In Default, CDS Will Trigger - Forbes

ISDA Says Greece In Default, CDS Will Trigger - Forbes:

This now finally make perfect sense, lets call a sheep a sheep..

The handling of this case by ISDA just shows how much is the CDS contracts really worth in reality..

Math/Finance should have been rather straight forward... just black or white..

ISDA's indecision & now potential U-turn highlights one of the challenge of the model.. which is how could 'public' opinion changed its decision in days!? we are talking about literally billions!

"UPDATE 2 (2:48 p.m.): ISDA has now declared that Greece’s restructuring does represent a default, meaning credit default swaps will trigger. Read the statement here.

UPDATE (2:43 p.m.): An ISDA spokesman told Forbes no decision has been reached regarding on whether Greece’s restructuring qualifies as a credit event, which would in turn trigger CDS protection."

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