Sunday, 11 March 2012

my interpretation/thoughts after going to the "A Man's story" screening about Ozwald Boateng

If it was not because of the special screening (with Ozwald himself's Q&A), I would probably not have gone, not because I don't like him or the fashion, designer's world, but just I have literally hundreds of DVDs (good number of them sadly not yet opened!) and already gone to enough cinema screenings (last one was pretty good with The Artist, brilliant.. to John Carter 3D, pretty good, not Avatar though, need more expression from the main man .... etc...)

I had no expectation as I walked in the theater to watch A Man's story, except I was hoping to learn more about the guy I keep seeing on the news.. and challenges he might have received from trying to make it 'in the British establishment'.. as even as I Chinese, I see the class/race challenge in UK first hand. (mind you, I do have quite a few Lord, Sir friends/contacts after all these years, but a good portion of them don't seem to 'see me' still!!).

I am however glad that I was there to listen.. to the man himself.. some of the best photos are here in this blog post.

Ozwald is wow.. very cool, to say the least.. and I did not realise the height he has achieved in the fashion world, best comparison I can conjure up (hopefully not considered as derogatory, if so, pls suggest better analogy) is that he is like the Black and non gay version of Tom Ford!? not sure if Ozwald has his 'perfumery' yet..

The film was raw, and cool.. filmed over 12 years.. but felt like minutes.. my thirst of learning more about challenges of being in the fashion industry or his life story was not quenched..

All the while being a positive person however, I would like to say that for me this is Part 2 of the Ozwald's story.. I would like to see Part 1, namely how he came to be "The man" and the challenges faced and how he over come it.. and in Part 2, really wish more of his 'rage' being shown, as if it was any common man, the reaction would have been broken furniture to say the least! if Ozwald is so cool in real life, I bet he would be Bruce Wayne the Batman in reality... I would also like more to be added to make it Part 2.5 which is what other 'business challenges' he faced, and or are facing and how that is being overcome...

Key points however probably for "daily mail reader" is leave the business leaders alone! (this will be worth another dedicated blog post if/when I have time). Just see how much Ozwald is giving up (not sure if I can!) Yes, I know many CXOs that are dedicated and married (in some case) addicted to their jobs/missions.. how much do they have to give up.. AND still be drawn to the next bigger and seemingly impossible challenges.. as long as they are not cheating or running a boiler room, I say leave them to enjoy their spoils.. as many in fact has given up a lot, and have come back again and again after being knocked down again and again and again.. when most of these do-gooders or complainer, campaigners (e.g. billionaire/ mansion tax etc. but don't ask me, don't know best solution) are relaxing, twiddling their thumbs and think, these guys do not deserve it.. surely, watch 'a man's story' would give you some some ideas.. of course it would be much more powerful with Part 1, and 2.5 included.

that is just my initial thoughts.. as a Chinese that loves world cinema, we just love a semi-weeping "rag to riches" story that pull the heart strings.. no doubt there is enough raw material (apparently a year's worth of footage!!) .. therefore maybe Part 3 of Ozwarld's story is what we can all be looking forward to!

In short, "worth the watch", be warn though... now I and probably most in the audience, is wondering why I don't own a Boateng yet (maybe I am too short & fat for me to be as cool!)..

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