Wednesday, 29 July 2009

rights of public street performance

2 guys breakdancing in front of Eiffel Tower Jul09 from garethwong on Vimeo.

I was quite impressed with these two guys.. bet they earned/collected more than the four guys that danced afterward, not sure.. but my gut feel.

Serious business question however raised in my mind.

who owns the IP to this video? they have artistic rights for the copy, and I would want to ask them for permission to display it (or do I need to bother)??

Just curious though... but really hope some A&R guys find them & give them a slot in a show or something (if that is what they want of course!)


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jnicho02 said...

....and how about getting performance rights waivers for all of those people in the audience too ;)

I've been thinking the same thing too about people selling reproduction prints of Banksy graffiti.