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Thursday, 6 August 2009

My comments re Twitter crashes following malicious online attack | Technology |

Twitter crashes following malicious online attack |
Technology |

Wow, i thought it was my Vista PC needing reboot.. but it was weird that TweekDeck, then socialScope on my blackberry (which just came back to life after wipe & restore & synch. long story!)..

it transpired that the above happened!

this is another example where coming from Telecoms myself, interenet startup will need to be savvy about, especially likes of Twitter, which is positioned as a communication tools, they need to emulate the 99.99% up-time of Telecoms system, and redundancy server etc.

Saying that though, even some major Telecoms system might not be able to survive consistent DDOS attacks (maybe certain military system could)..

they should speak with some of the CTO/CIOs of the gaming gambling world, they might be able to share some of the tricks of the trade. @EV do get in touch, I am co-hosting the next Gaming Technology Forum in November, we will have the top CTOs and CIOs of our sectors together, I can tweet the answers back to you then.

Good luck in fighting the evil force that is trying to take you down.

@GarethWong (hope you get back the system soon!)

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