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Monday, 10 August 2009

My comments More-Timid Gamblers Hurting Coffers in U.S. -

More-Timid Gamblers Hurting Coffers in U.S. -

These are hard times.

When it is finally hurting now at the local State level, would the Federal level understands that there is a much bigger piece of pie that is already out of reach due to the prohibition?

There is still NO G8 country effectively regulating the remote gaming gambling sector (yes, we do have quite a few well run-well regulated offshore jurisdictions, some considered my industry friends), what does this really mean?

I would like to argue that unless and until a G8 nation start regulating with a common sense & well drafted regulation PLUS an affordable tax regime, the remote and offline gaming gambling market will dramatically change for the better. Most importantly, that G8 nation would be able to see millions but probably BILLIONS of tax revenue.

Most of the overall market estimates are sadly erring on the small side, I was told. ;)


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