Monday, 17 August 2009

My semi-digressed comments re Has Twitter’s aggressive protectionism come too late?

Has Twitter’s aggressive protectionism come too late?

It is not surprising.

my limited observation in the 'internet startup world' is this:

1.) enterpreneurs play musical chairs & try to spot.. 2.)+ 3).
2.) VCs trying to spot and if possible influence 3.)
3.) consumers (generally well 'connected' net-citizen mostly in the developed world) would follow and sometimes help 'create' buzz and spot/follow 1.)

E:(generally consumers' needs/wants/ are not met! and have to spend 'hours' on reasearch online & speak to people/friends.. and still usually can only find 2nd or 3rd best solutions!)

4.) likes of Techcrunch, blogs, and now offline news reports/writers (generally lag by few days & sometimes weeks) above the buzz of 1, 2, and 3.

Generally, consumers and 'followers', and joe blogg, just 'amazed' with the fuzz (for those that take times to read the full story) and go on with their lives (they might not yet done the first online transaction with any internet shopping site yet, due to potential mistrust)..

then at the same time, the limited successful companies (probably based on buzz but not revenue/profit) would look to do

A.) protect what they have, cos they generally had not strategically plan for the future (like high cap-ex, highly regulated industries like Telecoms) or

B.) just want to exit by selling to the much more established (mostly listed household names) who sometimes do deals for signalling than real business sense (e.g. ITV purchase & disposal of Friend-ReUnited)..

for those that lucky enough to have exited successfully, then

I.) if they were in Silicon Valley, due to potential social capital/competition/ or just pure aspirations, would generally invest and re-invest and make more greater successes
II.) those in Europe, probably just purchase a few holiday homes and most to some tax heavan & semi-retire with a few charitable duties and a few life-style investments..

Life goes on..


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