Monday, 30 August 2010

case laws/precedents of Offer and acceptance within social media/networked world?? like twitter for example

My legal friends worldwide, wonder if you have any insights/experiences on the validity of
Offer and acceptance - Wikipedia applied to the social media world, particularly on broadcast medium like Twitter?

What jurisdictions would the contract be formed?

e.g. if Disney in UK is making an offer for special UK tour of a theatre show of a High School Musical 5 (for argument sake) via twitter, first to response would be entered into price draw.
there was only one response would that be a valid offer & acceptance??

wonder if there is any case law/precedence and experiences, and thoughts if not happened before/yet!?

Can they rescind the offer like offline offers?

would it make any difference if the accepting parties are outside of the offered jurisdiction?? e.g. can Canadian citizen or Citizen in Asia accept offers from European country??

just wondered.

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