Tuesday, 17 August 2010

short comments re Self Proclaimed ‘Social Media Experts’ – damaging | The Wall Blog

Self Proclaimed ‘Social Media Experts’ – damaging | The Wall Blog

Self proclaimed experts in any field are dangerous, especially for new emerging industries like social media, converged games & entertainment categories (we will see more) are as challenging..

Sincerely hope we will not see more self proclaimed 'gurus' in other industries and even 'life coaches' around the world..

in order to do so, we need more recognised AND proven 'measurement' of social media successes (not only case studies) and certainly through not only eyeballs/followers/liked BUT 'qualified' followers and mainly measured by perceived or real fellowship (by action even just via simple RTs or indeed incremental donation/purchases/real-life actions etc.)

There should hopefully be simple ways of checking people's quality/background simply and transparently.. I totally agree with your quality over quantity comment, thats why even my personal twitter feed is private (from day one I started using it properly) @GarethWong ...

good luck with all your new and old initiatives..

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