Saturday, 5 February 2011

Chinese new year, short introduction to the most important of four arts of cultured scholars, 琴、棋、书、画, namely Qin or Zither 古箏, 琵琶 and 二胡

Its Chinese new year now, and time to get to know more about the Chinese culture.

These three instruments are Chinese music institutions! Chinese believe cultured scholars should master the four arts 琴、棋、书、画 (Playing Qin or Zither, Chinese Chess, Calligraphy, and paintings, where 弹琴 is the most important!)

Key demonstrations below are:
Guzheng (古箏) - 16-26 stringed zither with movable bridges or 古筝
Pipa (琵琶) - pear-shaped fretted lute with 4 or 5 strings
Erhu (二胡) - two-stringed fiddle


YouTube - Chinese erhu music: 江南春色 Spring scenery of Jiang-nan /二胡:邵琳: ""

More populist, the the viva girls are more pop and simon cowell.. really.

二胡 Erhu - 王颖 Wang Ying plays 卡门 Carmen

Su Chang - Guzheng | YTSO 2011 Sydney | Soloist Introduction Video | 苏畅 - 古筝

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