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Monday, 21 February 2011

my short comments re Seeing Both Sides: Fred Wilson comes to Harvard Business School

Seeing Both Sides: Fred Wilson comes to Harvard Business School:

great insights, wonder if you are mostly looking at B2C side of things in your ecosystem?

I see much more non transparencies and lucrative opportunities in the B2B value chain world, but sadly as your last paragraph pointed out (Fred's friends wisdom): the addiction to "calories, heroine and a paycheck", means thats the best place to innovate as I put it, its majority run by managers than leaders, they would invariable do the safest and most obvious things first, second and third time..

sadly however, most startup as I observe now (not expert, pls put me right if I am wrong) are mostly focusing on short term valuations and even exits..? as most founders probably do not have that kind of business insights?

I might be wrong, as they are generally not as sexy to be reported by Techcrunch/venturebeat/business insiders??

maybe I am reading the wrong press in your VC news world.

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