Monday, 21 February 2011

short comments on Perks for the pups of state power - China Media Project

Perks for the pups of state power - China Media Project

China like most countries has its own challenges & opportunities, just most of those for China are much more complex, wide reaching, ingrained in the culture and psyche of people and systems for longer...

this article highlighed the present perceived and real problems (cannot comment as I am not but seem to be true), but this also exist during thousand years back in dynasties days..

real issue is that whether our mother country is in fact safe and still growing at a managable pace, ... as I personally believe China need to evolve over time (especially now its slight move/jerk has worldwide implications), rather than change overnight.

Just look at the rule of law now in China (the real power it can exert on its citizens), and unscrupulous people at all level would still look at ways to cut corners and think ultra short term for quick profits (look at tainted milk and various scandals), what would happy if China perceived not be in control?

Some might argue that it is not the government officials that would suffer, but it might be felt a lot more by the small residence who are just getting by. How much worst would it be felt by those millions of migrant workers?

In some ways, no bad news could be good news in this instance.

It is somehow comforting to read the above news, where we as Chinese can read and feel, well, all normal and yes, can spend some time on looking at results of "human flesh search engine"..

Wish you all have a safe and prosperous 2011.

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