Saturday, 5 January 2013

Erm, no! & my predictions...(death of @Facebook in 5yrs) At 30 years old, the internet is inescapable - Telegraph

At 30 years old, the internet is inescapable - Telegraph:

Erm; yes internet is very pervasive .. getting there but sadly still not secure nor pervasive enough

Internet will really take off when there is one system or company/entity that we can trust with our utmost secrets/confidential and that information collected is distributed for our benefit ONLY (rather than them focusing how to sell our info for a fee or kickbacks; let's face it, who can we trust REALLY in 2013!? firms that will exit or change hands in 3/5yrs!?) 

acid test: when majority of joe blogg 8 to 80 years old would use different devices to do what they need in a trusted manner (not only on media consumptions or buyers beware environment)

Internet, in fact any technology is not be all and end all.. sadly we have less people or companies "making things" now and everyone trying to get into finance or internet and "making deals"... real on and offline business opportunities at present are sadly overlooked ...

as I bet end of last year (on reputation, rather than money though!) facebook will not exist in its present form in 5years (if that) and we will not miss it a bit as it never is a "real business" .. just like we do not miss "Fidonet" nor "usenet/newsgroups" nor even "compuserve" community after they became not popular..

1) end to end trust and security and 
2) "Reverse of search" (yup: antithesis of google)  are the future, sadly limited of firms are in that space!!


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