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Thursday, 10 January 2013

my honest feedback & thanks to this post: Plus-One This: Proof That Google Plus Will Prevail | Fast Company

Plus-One This: Proof That Google Plus Will Prevail | Fast Company: "G+"

hmm.. thanks to your post Dave, I am willing finally to try out google plus (despite I am a long term google/gmail supporter, not happy with how they strong armed me so I lost my legacy price plan but that is another story; thanks to nice lady, got 1yr courtesy plan though but would prefer back to my legacy plan!) 

I have turned G+ on now but last I checked, it does not provide much privacy control, very much like twitter (which still does not do it well, nor improved since I last blogged about it back in 2009, Protected tweet or not?

Reason why I waited a whole year before I used Twitter was due to short term VC/startup market, and rightly so ruthless nature of google cutting Buzz and Wave reconfirm to me that given all the startup and new technologies available, I adopt same strategy: 

1) by all means signup 
2) try it as & when; no hurry, for me I would wait a year or so
3) fingers crossed the investment of time & effort will bring at least equal benefit

Well, it is great that you put your reputation on this; and lets think ahead till end of the year, What is your address? just in case.

I see that you are not active on twitter; could that be reason why you are putting all your eggs, reputation and face for a few pies on google plus?  curious :)


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