Friday, 18 January 2013

my comments and slight disagreement to this New market watchdog head lacks experience - lawmakers | Reuters

New market watchdog head lacks experience - lawmakers | Reuters:

I would suggest the title of this article to be changed..

maybe John is comparatively inexperienced but who has a lot of financial regulatory credentials?? and given the failure of credit crunch and lack of solution nor recognition/real identification of faults; surely new eyes are much better!?? 

(my short blog in June2012: Must listen, particular interesting insights from John Griffith-Jones Chair of KPMG, &+ my comments, re BBC - Global Business, Called To Account program )

and of course Martin Wheatley used to be CEO of Hong Kong's Securities and Futures Commission .. other than NYC, HKG could probably be the best training ground for London!??

please take that into consideration.

Challenge we have is that NO one country can legislate and regulate the world, even if UK regulate the best market, but if it is considered as too stringent or unreasonable (from the being regulated institutions point of view) it will still be ineffective... it is not easy!! glad it is not our job!!


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