Monday, 21 January 2013

My Comments re "active monitor" vs "auditing", Time for a new era - Real Deals

Time for a new era - Real Deals:

Totally Jon
but of course failure of bad business, rather than good business right??
as the freed up resources could hopefully be better used by good, sustainable firms with good future.
Key challenge is abundance of bad information or lack of good information/data that arrive in the timely manner...
It always baffles me why even big firms would have months if not years saying they are doing great with turnover hundreds of millions but then suddenly would say they needed more Cash desperately that week!?? Surely Cash management is key!!!??? maybe it is time to think of something that is "beyond auditing" but "actively monitoring"... we should be able to find out the firms in dire trouble and make Jon's dream come true!!! They can't hide by playing with various domicile/accounting standards or transfer pricing etc.

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