Friday, 3 May 2013

My comments re Rat Meat Sold as Lamb in China Highlights Fears -

Rat Meat Sold as Lamb in China Highlights Fears -

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can you blame our mainland Chinese friends searching the world for "safer baby milk powder"!??

This is a systemic problem very much like the financial market where short term profit rules except consequences much graver that would affect people's long term health and even might kill people..

Huge problematic issue that need some urgent solution! any ideas??  do not believe that it is only a Chinese problem, as it will affect the world!!

"The police arrested 63 suspects accused of “buying fox, mink and rat and other meat products that had not undergone inspection,” which they doused in gelatin, red pigment, and nitrates, and sold as mutton in Shanghai and adjacent Jiangsu Province for about $1.6 million, according to the ministry’s statement. The account did not explain how exactly the traders acquired the rats and other creatures.

¶ “How many rats does it take to put together a sheep?” said one typically baffled and angry user of Sina Weibo, China’s Twitter-like service that often acts as a forum for public venting. “Is it cheaper to raise rats than sheep? Or does it just not feel right unless you’re making fakes?”

The cases described included a company in Inner Mongolia, a northeast region of China, caught with 23 tons of fake beef jerky and unprocessed frozen meat adulterated with flavoring chemicals and swarming with bacteria. Six suspects in Guizhou Province, in southwest China, were caught with 8.8 tons of “toxic chicken feet” adulterated with illegal additives. Chicken feet, steamed or boiled with spices, are a popular dish in parts of China.

The Ministry of Public Security also described cases of traders selling pigs and ducks that had died from disease, and of another perennial problem: pigs injected with water to increase the weight, and price, of the pork sold on the market.

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