Wednesday, 1 May 2013

My short comments re the bold statement by "BlackBerry CEO predicts death of tablets in five years (Wired UK)"

BlackBerry CEO predicts death of tablets in five years (Wired UK):

It's great to be bold, ambitious, & visionary. But success will only arrive if one can deliver, case in point, if iPad,iPhone don't work, no one will pay for them!

I'm a BlackBerry family ; sadly now I have both a torch AND a Z10 as I can't get my 25,000 contacts over.. no. Solution!

As I mentioned to thorsten via email and blog, he needs to be strong & bring company private & focus on products & find a vision/ redefine their own niche.

That advice hasn't changed but with Tim cook being forced to give back cash AND do what a typical ceo do (albeit very rich one!), thorsten's opportunity might be opening up! He needs some vision for the future and Erm deliver (without much short term distractions like quarterly earnings reports!)

more of my previous and still valid comments are here: blog in 2012 re how to secure future of blackberry

What do you think? or you think he is on the right track!?

(on a z10)

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