Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Yes please, but surely some things to consider 4 John Caudwell? If I can pay £250m tax, so can my fellow billionaires | The Sunday Times

If I can pay £250m tax, so can my fellow billionaires | The Sunday Times:

It is great and brilliant that John is taking the moral high ground and setting an example for other billionaires.. many other UK billionaires should take heed, likewise how he aims to give wealth away to make a different is also awe inspiring (not sure many will follow sadly but fingers crossed). 
His comments and experiences are most applicable to other firms that are operating mostly in UK, like Acadia ( & ) but as you can see, Green family is offshore also (not saying it is right or wrong but already practising and using instruments that is being reported for big corporates)
No doubt therefore running firms like google/amazon would be rather different from phone4U in UK...
Indeed, it is only few years back that John was also trying to fight for his rights..  (Phones4U boss loses £13m tax fight | This is Money, 24 July 2005
US indeed have similar challenges: @GarethWong: Must read, view from within US, corporate tax nationally, and what has changed.. very real national problem! re We’re living in an Ayn Rand economy -
Transfer pricing is a world problem, not only UK, as I briefly blogged: @GarethWong: Challenge of Transfer Pricing, My comments/data needed to support Eric Schmidt: At Google we aspire to do the right thing. So we welcome a debate on international tax reform | Eric Schmidt|Comment is free|The Observer
Given all the philanthropic work of John, why not take the leadership position and fixing this for the world!?? see what professor Adam Grant has to say about that, and maybe learn from @LJA_Foundation.. ?? ( )
The news article may have taken the wrong angle and/or I may have taken the wrong end of the stick.. if so, apologies. 

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