Monday, 2 August 2010

my short comments on Twitter is changing how we interact with the world | Technology |

Twitter is changing how we interact with the world | Technology |

Thought provoking indeed.

this is in fact a new wave, and in fact akin to the arrival of 'mobile' in mid/late 90's.

do you still remember those people hissing behind when people started talking on their mobile?

I was at one stage very self-concious when started talking on mobile in public (not the same problem with other fellow colleges from the mobile sector ofcourse)..

Challenge now with twitter (never really got into blogging much, I must confess) is that there is a 'trace' of one's comments.. same for facebook and other social network.

therefore, broadcasting is in fact not everyone's preference.. and my suggestion is to approach with care.

why not 'tweet' but from a protected account like I do.

happy adjusting to the new digital & connected world.



dompannell said...

Why use Twitter if you want to say things behind closed doors? Yammer allows a corporate wall and is used effectively by several organisations I know. Other platforms allow you to invite your circle in and limit your footprint to them.

I accept that you and I will not agree on this, Mr Wong.

It's horses for courses - for me Twitter is a broadcast platform, so I'm fairly careful what I say on it. Mind you, it's always worth being careful what you write...

Gareth Wong said...

;-) guess, I just wanted a smaller more 'targeted' audience..

more 'exclusive communication' platform!?