Monday, 18 July 2011

my question 4 @FDestin: European VC Needs Revolution, Not Evolution

Destin: European VC Needs Revolution, Not Evolution

Lack of competition & transparencies between successful & exited/exiting entrepreneurs also play a role.

e.g. As kings of UK industries typically would retire as tax exiles with few/ tens of millions (likewise for European key cities like Hamburg/Paris etc.) and they rarely have 'healthy' competitions despite bumping into each other in St.Moritz or Saint Tropez...

Unlike the NYC/SFO/Boston bunch where people (as I see it from afar & few I met whilst I was there), seems to be more driven even after becoming multi-millionaire... or maybe because culturally they care more about what other think of them? or have I read that all wrong?

European seem to be too polite and respect each other and respectfully keeping the distance and enjoying (in some cases preferring) the anonymity... (look at Monaco)

Could this all be due to long established European culture?? (outlook of life/business/competitions)...?

Fred, you seem to be expert and I would be keen to have your insights in this!?


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