Sunday, 31 July 2011

Real danger of "surface water flooding" for London, London Assembly report on For a Rainy Day | Greater London Authority

For a Rainy Day | Greater London Authority:

London Assembly's report on Flooding for London! watch below video of Darren Johnson, Deputy Chair of Environmental Committee, London Assembly:

The Committee says the Mayor should:
Ensure surface water flood risk information is publicly available, alongside information for householders of what they can do if they are in a flood risk area.
Extend a funding scheme for green roofs to include other forms of sustainable drainage and use sustainable drainage, if possible, in GLA group property.
Retain and show a plan to achieve his target to restore 15km of rivers in his Climate Change Adaptation Strategy.
Support a call for water companies to be able to work directly with householders to correct misconnected drains.
Take steps to identify and secure funding for work to reduce flood risk in London."

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