Saturday, 9 July 2011

my short comments on @Loic Needs To Get His Head Out Of His Silicon Valley

Loic Needs To Get His Head Out Of His Silicon Valley

gracious reply Loic, give me more respect and inclination to join LeWeb (sadly not managed yet),

Its sadly a systemic issue, not that the startup 'wanted' to copy but surely

1.) there might be quite a few startup that take a global view but the money man themselves (even HNW/UHNWs or VCs/PEs) take national or even for some regional views mainly, and some might prefer to only fund #safer# copy cat startups (with view for trade-sale), rather than original ideas?? (~funder preference of copy cats)

2.) there might not be enough transparencies AND competitions between VCs/PEs and Super Angels (HNWs/UHNWs) across the EU & RoW/Asia so they take more regional/international views as quite a few of MoneyMan just exit and retire as tax exiles and not like the valley where they are indoctrinated to make the next millions/billions and take some more risks.. (~peer pressure?)

3.) given the 1.) & 2.) above, entrepreneurs that are funded usually would only take the shorter term and national/regional views.. and only handful of them get funded with worldwide ambitions.. but even for those lucky world-view ones: some might have to move to the States as there is a bigger homogeneous market for growth, like @Bandrew Alex Kelleher @alexkelleher etc. (~still migrate to US)

Hence with my broken english, I would like to assert that we need in fact more competitions/transparencies and drives from across the market and across countries/industries, hence creating more opportunities and potential success for funders and the funded..

Keen to see if you agree or not as I would like to learn more.

However, in my B2B world, especially in finance/insurance/re-insurance, sadly I think most have not heard of what LeWeb or even TechCrunch is.. (yet).. which I trust no doubt will be changed. (mind you, some of the CXO levels guys I know do not even carry their own cards, let along use emails! Twitter for them is a different language)


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