Friday, 9 August 2013

Finally, after more than a year, Thorsten & board listened!? BlackBerry Might Go Private - Business Insider

BlackBerry Might Go Private - Business Insider:

I would like to argue that Thorsten & RIM by going private is being clever and not 'giving up'. Must read above and also the story first broke by Reuters.

Although this does not come as a surprise and indeed after more than a year I suggested Thorsten to do so, and subsequently publicly via this blog post in July 2012:

If Thorsten can pull it off, as mentioned in the blog post, it will only be the first step but at least hopefully he would buy some time (for himself and the new crack team) to fix the issues and re-focus the company.

iPhone and Android maybe the present paradigm that everyone might have to be measured against but that might not be what the business world wants/demand but given the lack of working blackberry (& comparatively cheaper business model of iPhone), they are short of options but to go elsewhere..

selfishly I really wish they fix the platform as my Torch 2 AND the z10 cannot take care of 27,000+ entries on the phone and I am FRUSTRATED!

Good luck in sorting it out Thorsten (& keeping your job longer, or at least until RIM & its fortune get fixed) .. private is the ONLY way to go.. sooner rather than later if you can get it done with enough support.  So glad my suggestion is heeded. ;-)


understatement to say I am not head of a @BlackBerry household (just a selection of devices we brought with us):

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