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Must watch & learn from key insights shared by @MartJacques "When China Rules the World" at University of Melbourne @unimelb - YouTube & Professor Rana Mitter on How China's Wartime Past is Changing its Present - and Future at @IIEA

When China Rules the World - YouTube:

Must watch & learn from @MartJacques When China Rules the World - YouTube

I totally agree with Martin's analysis, people cannot think like the western world view anymore, and especially not for very powerful people like Eric Schmidt, who still thinks democracy is the only solution for China (& many other communist countries).  yes, I stupidly (or too brave) to highlight that fact to Eric during his brilliant event/visit to London last year (as I mentioned briefly here when I supported his comments re Taxes highlighting the culprit is in fact 'transfer pricing' practice.)

Based on the short video (sadly not met Martin yet), I would totally recommend Eric and other government ministers and forward thinking power-men/women to watch this video of Martin (even better, engage him in some way):

Hate to paraphrase (you must watch his lecture below!) but for some of my CXO contacts who are just too short of time (& may require reasons to invest time in watching the video), key highlights from my humble opinion from Martin are:

1.) China as a 'Civilisation State' (not just a country but one must consider thousand years of history.  this is absolutely true, as we do consider ourself Chinese!)

2.) Satisfaction: in fact 80-90% of Chinese are extremely satisfied with the goverment, as Chinese State is remarkably successful (in its own term & westerner would not understand)

3.) Democracy is not be-all & end-all, Chinese's paradigm is very different from the western world: One must consider Democracy vs "Competence of State" (he gave India as very democratic but sadly not competent!) Competence is much more important in the China paradigm.
[It is this point that I called out Eric and explained in my question that if Democracy arrives in China, there will be a unstoppable Civil war.  We have to give patience and help to China to ease the transition.. ]

He therefore stressed that: Key task is to understand one another, the West is not important any more, but Asia, particularly China.

Our next generations, take heed, particularly Australian (who has not got into recession since 2008 due to close economic link with China), EVERYONE should & must learn Chinese (I think he is referring to Mandarin).

IMHO, every points are spot on! look forward to meeting Martin now!

Key point Martin raised was the unresolved issues since the war with Japan (hence the political tension),
brilliant explaination by Professor Rana Mitter on How China's Wartime Past is Changing its Present - and Future at @IIEA

Prof Rana's speech below brings out and hightlight/stress on Martin's point, regarding the political tension that will not easily be resolved.

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