Thursday, 1 August 2013

how to @Be_Champion? learn from Two young scientists break down plastics with bacteria - Miranda Wang & Jeanny Yao, others should also emulate, @Be_Champion dare you to put in the effort in whatever you choose to tackle! do they fit @Gladwell 10,000hours rule?

Two young scientists break down plastics with bacteria - YouTube: "

These two teenagers are really inspiring, Miranda Wang and Jeanny Yao

Winner of the Sanofi Biogeneius challenge "British Columbia, Plastic pollution-eating bacteria",

What if all other teenagers or even pre-teens can learn from them, we can really have our local, national, world problems fixed by tomorrow! yes we all hear about 'cloud computing' surely we need to look at 'cloud intellect'.. how much time is wasted by people just sitting around 'not sure what to do'!?

I personally did grade 13 in Canada in Ontario (does not exist now) and believe me, some students work much harder than others.. ;-)

Therefore, the real question is, how did Miranda & Jeanny got their 'drive' to get out and "do it" and "not give up" and be persistent with their efforts??  Was it due to the up their bringing (by dragon parents?) or role models they set themselves (who?)?? or were they not part of the 'starsuckers' culture and did not have much time watching TVs?? Curious and hope Miranda & Jeanny shed some lights for future generations to learn from!

IMHO, true to spirit, if everyone just challenge themselves, even under-achiever can become expert as long as they find their passion, as Malcolm @Gladwell point out in his brilliant book Outliers, if his assertion is right, all it takes is 10,000 hours of intense practice/working hard at it, to excel in something! Q: did Miranda & Jeanny spend 10k hours on the subject? how many hours altogether? would be fascinating to see if that fits into Malcolm's theory!

Eitherway, their hard work is already paying off with scholarships etc. Brilliant work and many congratulations!

Their Must Watch TED speech:


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