Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Must watch & key points from Prof Philip Kotler: Marketing - YouTube @kotl @KOTLERMARKETING re Marketing 4.0 =creating ecosystems!

Philip Kotler: Marketing - YouTube:

Prof Kotler is one of my marketing idol, well, I had a few of his marketing books during my study for Executive MBA, believe me they were rather heavy to carry around, but glad I did and hope I had learnt and retained at least 10% after all these years.

This video is brilliant and I would say another must watch, why waste time watching cats or silly stuff when you can gain some real insights that might help your personal and business life?? shocking that there is only 36,580 views, a real gem of a free marketing lecture!

what really touched my heart was his last comments 55min in of what Marketing 4.0 will be about, regarding the creation of a new ecosystem, so close to my heart! as that is what we have been trying to do with GamBond® by creating a viable alternative to be rated, listed or audited, new industry default risk guarantee, credit insurance but for holding company level!

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