Monday, 15 July 2013

Lessons learnt and what Hong Kong Government can do to help HKG industries. re Trunki defeats Hong Kong pirates | The Sunday Times

Trunki defeats Hong Kong pirates | The Sunday Times:

So glad for Rob Law, @TrunkiDaddy who is winning over cystic fibrosis so far (good luck in defeating it!) and disregarding the 'entertainment' show of dragons den (yes I don't watch, IMHO, they select for entertainment/humiliations vs doing real deals)

This story showcase Rob's real tenacity and self believe, and proves that creating & protecting IP is a key process & success factor of any entrepreneurs (if you can do so in your industry).  I hope he has managed to protect his IP for the rest of the world also, as illegal copying of his Trunki might already be happening elsewhere!? 

As a Hong Kong Chinese, I firmly believe that this case does not represent that all Hong Kong businesses copy like a pirate but I hope this case should signify the true "inflection point" for Hong Kong/China businesses (many ways Taiwan included also) where the businesses should start seriously thinking medium to long term now, and invest in building quality products, sustainable designs, and protect-able brands/IPs that domestic and international markets needed.  As production/factory for the world, there is enough skills transferred now, just need to develop more towards product developments, design and brands!

The happy days of easy job-lots, scale productions orders and quick bucks is sadly over, with worldwide "near-shoring" now a fact rather than "fad" means that time is now to re-invent the businesses and value chain in Chinese speaking countries! 

We Chinese can do anything if we put our minds to it. especially for southern china where the real meaning of "醒目" is encouraged & drilled into most kids as they grow up! 
Just need the right goals and directions!  All that is needed is some proper thinking and planning by the Hong Kong government to get the ball rolling. Lessons must be learnt by looking at how google campus has achieved substantial increase of  'density of network" within a short year (with major government policy and agencies like TechCity Investment). Hong Kong can certainly emulate and reinvent and do even better!  We might see other western firms 'trying' to copy in 10years time, mark my words (if HKG government can get the acts together to make this happen of course!). 


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