Wednesday, 24 July 2013

My comments re: What Inspires Me: Harvey-Jones Vs. Trump Vs. Sugar | LinkedIn

What Inspires Me: Harvey-Jones Vs. Trump Vs. Sugar | LinkedIn:

totally agree with you Steve, of course, you are THE quiet guru yourself! ;-)

I just ranted (probably incoherently) about this on growth business: RT @GarethWong: My short comments, must learn from Rebel Billionaire, The Apprentice: Best of a bad bunch - Reality TV show

Reality is that "created for TV" business show is just focus on entertainment (& IMHO wasting our time), they select the candidates for some might argue mainly show off their shortcomings.  As for Dragon's den, when it was first planned/launched, the prize was initially £50k max.. I told the producer it was a joke, sadly no, but somehow it made a great TV series!!

IMHO, we need to engage more with and between top successful leaders who are otherwise too busy (invariably they all are), hence likes of my CXO Europe/Asia are bringing value to that top level of leaders.. in a private environment without danger of 'looking stupid' and learning from each other.

Lets be frank, even Sir John Harvey-Jones were lonely and helpless at times whilst he was running ICI, and thus why your Xinfu service is welcomed as the 'trusted' advisor.. some might not be able to take the pressure at the top: RT @GarethWong: RIP, top very lonely RT @guardiantech: Swisscom CEO found dead in suspected suicide @reuters

Challenge is now our media press is TV is taken over by small minority of "how great I am" celebrity business guru which sadly at times only running mid tier firm that claims to know everything..

Very much moving into the "BusinessStarSuckers" territories, almost same premise as the 'StarSuckers" documentary by Chris Atkins.

hope more people would listen to you and likes of Sir John Harvey-Jones, we need more worthwhile role models for sure!

Catchup soon!


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