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Must read & ACTION! "mindful meditation" & Cognitive Bias Modification (CBM) “positivity training” apps+ computer software, "how to" guide From Pessimist to Optimist? How Positive Actions can Change your Brain, @BBCHorizon | book Rainy Brain Sunny Brain by Professor Elaine Fox @ProfElaineFox

BBC Horizon | Rainy Brain Sunny Brain by Professor Elaine Fox:

"From Pessimist to Optimist? How Positive Actions can Change your Brain

Must watch program!

please do click through the link above to view summary and how to and link to the software/tools to make yourself more positive!

+++ for purpose of some of my super busy CXO friends, at least you can see the quick summary below that links back to the fantastic site from Prof Elaine Fox, more about her, author of


Rainy Brain Sunny Brain
In Rainy Brain Sunny Brain, Elaine Fox describes a range of techniques that can actually alter our brains’ circuitry so lifelong pessimists can train themselves to think positively and find happiness, while pleasure-seekers inclined toward risky or destructive behavior can take control of their lives.
We have recreated the task we gave to Michael here so that you can try the same programme for yourself...
This will give you an indication of how you compare to other people in your general level of optimism or pessimism. Then, if you want to continue you can...
Then you can undergo attentional re-training designed to enhance a positive bias in attention – we can call this positivity training...
At the end of the 7 to 8 week period, you can take the optimism test again as well as take the attention bias test to see whether there has been any change...


DO note that it can also be used to help children!
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indeed brilliant service not only from guys in the programs but also from BBC!
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