Sunday, 21 July 2013

My short comments, must learn from Rebel Billionaire, The Apprentice: Best of a bad bunch - Reality TV show

The Apprentice: Best of a bad bunch - Reality TV show:

Sadly it is a a pure entertainment show created for massaging ego of Mr. Trump. There is nothing wrong with the show apprentice, of course, if it encourages more people to become entrepreneur. I just wish people would really focus on the business; not laughing at the mishaps and weak work for the guys and girls on the show.  ( I watched a series with Donald Trump, it was much better with the UK version because at least the reward for winner of each show was truly 'money can't buy stuff,' unlike the one for UK's series 1, which I didn't watch after few episodes, embarrassing indeed.)

If one put a perceived big fish of a small pond on a Pedestal, don't be surprised if that would change the dynamics.. sadly I personally meet hundreds of top guys who are 10 times more successful and 10 times more humble and insightful as Sir Alan.. (with fullest respect to Sir Alan, and indeed all the Sirs and Dames in UK which are in the hundreds, just me alone, I already have 50+ in my address book, I gave up counting!) We all know that focusing on business purely would not make interesting television, nor would it be easy to convince the camera/press-shy business moguls to engage and try to emulate the trump style & humiliate others: I do particularly feel sorry for the 'well selected wannabes' who are sadly selected as you put it in some cases for lack of skills for people's entertainment.

Acid test for 'real success??' I would like to argue that it is not the show Apprentice, but the one series of the "Rebel Billionaire", with Richard Branson (Sir?) they seems to have found and support some very successful guys/girls like the Sara Blakely of Spanx.. that is a truly much better program, re-affirming rather than putting down. And look at Sara climbing new heights truely with Manx (spanx for men)..

Despite my empathy for the apprentices who are selected, IMHO, the 3minutes of fame is not worth the potential public humiliations (remember fame is not success!) In UK however, very limited choice of proper business issues focused show like the Apprentice.. dragons den? don't get me started!

We need some proper programs that showcase/promote/educate, challenge and encourage people to learn AND Do: inception to succeed! @Be_Champion !  We definitely need some proper business role models that focus on long term success for the whole value chain.


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