Monday, 1 July 2013

we need a discussion between Dr. Michael Moseley & Prof T.Colin Campbell re Whole-food, Plant-Based Diet WFPB vs. Atkins vs 5:2 Fast Diet?? hosted by @Nuffieldtrust ?

In our constant yearning for "losing weight", "being healthy", "gaining longevity" and maybe "killing cancers/diabetes".. may form different yardstick (KPIs) and goals which means we might need to adopt different strategy, combination of lifestyle changes (food intake + exercises = lifestyle change).

Seems to me the diets that make most sense so far with scientific basis and can be proven time and again are 1.) the Whole-food, plant based diet [WFPB]
2.) 5:2 fast diet (easier to achieve than alternative days)

Both should be able to control weight but WFPB seems more drastic but much more powerful in cutting risks of having Cancers..

What I would like is to have them two fight it out and find the best for us mere mortals to follow.. unlike Bill Clinton, I cannot expect others to bend over backward to serve me (I don't have his gravitas /influence.. nor deep pocket yet!

It would be great if likes of Nuffield trust can sort out a debate, or fact based "diet-off" between the two.. !??

we can only keep hoping! ;-)

for those of you just catching up, please see below.


loved the Dr. Michael Moseley's BBC documentary:

Eat, Fast & Live Longer HD by limoslight

big press & book after:

that essentially created the 5:2 diet:

Contrast that with the Whole Food Plant based diet (below discussion vs. Atkins diet expert):

Pros and Cons of a Vegan Diet -



What I really want to know, can I have a balance between the two!??

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