Monday, 12 August 2013

my comments re Government fears fracking 'backfire' over lack of staff and rigs - Business News - Business - The Independent

Government fears fracking 'backfire' over lack of staff and rigs - Business News - Business - The Independent:

In short term government/industry's perspective, it is understandable the long term effects of spillage or 'possible' & long term environmental effects might not come high on the priority list.. you just need to look at the "dead zone" in gulf of mexico, that is without moving the deep earth and fracking deep earth's stones for gas.. that problem is just watering plants and used too much chemical/fertilizer upstream.. who takes responsibilities? some might argue that the typical answer is "not me" from almost everyone. Who suffers? the fishermen & economy downstream that rely on having their seashore just 'being normal'.. sadly it is not! see: (Gulf of Mexico "dead zone" puts seafood industry at risk - CBS News )

We are inn 2013, surely some clause/regulations should be built in as government propose/support the next big thing (brilliant, we need cost effective, and abundance & readily available natural resources for sure), some form of pooled/profit reserve need to be put together for future potential/possible disasters that might happen 2-3 governments down the line.. 

as without this kind of forward planning, who will really suffer and who can really fix the problems arises?? possibly no one as our world economy is still focusing on maximising shareholders (not stakeholders) value. Thus when the sh*t hit the fan, those people that put together the new regime is long gone and might be relaxing in their private island(s) by then. 

Its easy to survive without seafood (comparatively) but if it affects your own water supply or your house's foundation (yes, your own 'castle'), this might not a pretty prospect. 

Therefore, ontop of shortage of people and rigs, this might be much more important area to consider ontop of having cost effective supply of energy (of course it is important but balance need to be drawn somewhere!). 

happy & keen to learn more if there are any lessons learnt from other Fracking pioneers that have these areas addressed. 

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