Tuesday, 22 March 2011

"Grandfather of Allergy" Dr. William Frankland, A life in Allergy :: The Anaphylaxis Campaign

A life in Allergy :: The Anaphylaxis Campaign:

So proud to know that our friend Bill is so famous! ;-)

Dr. A.W.Frankland – “A Life in Allergy” – Part 1

Celebrating a Century of Progress in Allergy
A film celebrating the centenary of the only cure for allergies and the life and work Dr William Frankland – the UK’s oldest serving doctor, has been produced by Dr Sophie Farooque, who was the UK’s first allergy trainee and is now the country’s first allergy consultant to have been an allergy trainee. The film will be shown at the 2011 BSACI Annual Meeting on July 11th.

Another article courtesy of BMA (pdf): bsaci.org/index.php?option=com_docman&task=doc_downlo...

"A great supporter of desensitisation, Frankland has noted that the rise in allergy can be linked to our increased cleanliness and the levels of hygiene in modern life. 'We don't set off our immune system early on, we are too clean. In the former East Germany for instance, with very poor work and housing conditions, people were less allergic'."

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