Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Turkey becoming key business gateway also? Turkey, the EU and the Mediterranean uprisings | Czech Position

Turkey, the EU and the Mediterranean uprisings | Czech Position: "Turkey, the EU and the Mediterranean uprisings"

This is a great if maybe slightly long but insightful article.

Separately, I heard UK has been helping turkey in the background re EU membership and lobbying, if that is really the case, then, this could yet be another great diplomatic manoeuvre.

Given the latest turmoil in middle east, Turkey might and probably will become the best gateway for the region, not only politically but also business wise.

For leaders of the business world (bigger SMEs, mid market firms that look for regional & international growth, namely our typical CXOs, min.CEO of firm with £3m/US$5m profit), get yourself ready now, if not only to visit Istanbul if you still have never been.

Key challenge is where do you start?

if you qualify, ping me, I know some family dynasties there (some promised to help us to launch it there), and maybe I can link you up when we have some adhoc CXO Istanbul private gatherings.

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