Wednesday, 2 March 2011

President Barack Obama joins a toast with Technology Business Leaders at a dinner in Woodside, California, Feb. 17, 2011. who is sitting next to him??

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President Obama done a lot, especially for breaking the glass ceilings for non white in US. I wonder when we can do the same for Chinese in rest of the world?

In order to get there, he has to be the perfect smooth operator/politician and know how to tap into popular culture and erm other people's donation wallets (time or resources).. so, guess hosting dinner and placing the right person in the right place given their importance comes as second nature, probably done by his staff but he has big say about it no doubt...

therefore, it must be very telling for the insiders, especially the CXOs there at the event, see who is sitting next to him on this round table... not named, but you can see the hairline. trust it is Steve Jobs on his left and the favour of the year Mark Z. of FB on the right?

surely though, the person that has much more sustainable business would be Oracle? but sadly Larry can only sit opposite Obama.. what does it say regarding the sideline seat of Eric Schmidt?

how incredible populist.. or am I reading too much into this? ;-)

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