Wednesday, 30 March 2011

short comments of how 'power corrupts'.. do we need 2use F** in business environment?? The Lean VC, Global Edition (March 2011, London)

The Lean VC, Global Edition (March 2011, London)

I have observed a while this tech. "scene", been to a few events, major, small, twittervals & even pay for conferences, and learnt of many re-incarnations of some industry greats (yes, some do change job/role/focus/directions every 3mths!) and sadly I don't go anymore, as mostly same stories, different faces which I will not see again (yes, they vanish & give up also!)

but I do keep tap, as certain part of it will be the future (people, initiatives, funds, etc.) and I am here to stay for sure (if I don't migrate that is) ...

interesting to see Dave's presentation earlier today, similar messages, more initiatives, but his last 3 slides grabbed my attention, and reminded me of this article of "How Power Corrupts Leaders" .... cos maybe the money, social media popularity and groupies does change one's perspective?

I have never met Dave, heard & trust that he is a great guy (look forward to meeting) but also noticed his many tweets and contributions & talk and initiatives.. & no doubt that he is a multi-millionaires (albeit an outspoken ones, I have met many millionaires & billionaires but they tend to be more guarded, guess more to loose and in fact some afraid of kidnapping, which is real danger, just to be clear, I am very poor myself, hence I dared to blog).

surely though, it seems to me that maybe I am old school, and sadly missing the point.. but his slides that contain the F*words just unnecessary.. or maybe he is taking stance of HBO, more sex, drugs, and profanity, make the product more popular?

see it for yourself full presentation below (full of wisdom) but the two key slides in question:

I do know how annoying it is when people you don't know come up & speak to you as though they know you (let alone pitching), when I did the international speaker circuit (we too can & have done 5 countries in 4 days), too many time-wasters and some outright rude figures (some feel entitled to do so) approaches and stop me...

Hence now I do not speak nor chair conferences anymore but will make exception for some good guys (conference organisers/industry leaders) I mainly help in background and would turn up and support mainly.. this might be better than to swear at the world (cos that is what essentially the social media is helping Dave to do)... this works, as number of people approaches me decreased, but then again, I try to walk much quicker and try not to make eye contacts (practice the star gazing stare, Prof.Brian Cox is my idol), just a thought and maybe different way of looking at/dealing with it.

Wonder how @FredWilson deals with it?

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