Monday, 14 March 2011

how to prepare for any diaster, quiz your knowlege about earthquake.. get prepared a 'go-bag' & person/family safety procedures now!

Our thoughts are with all the families affected in Japan... this shows how vulnerable we all are from disasters in the world, from natural to man made events..

Question: How prepared are we????

If you are in London, are you living in flooding area(s)?? see it for yourself here.

It is now time to reflect... and see what might need to be done to prepare ourselves and our families (our work has health & safety and disaster procedures.. why do we neglect our own families??) :

get a Diaster supply kit:

Great site, suggest you explore:

Interactive test of your earth quake knowlege from SanFran:

=== non governments, social media info below:

and also in video in terms of what need to be done to prepare yourselve:

document form (although sadly US centric, but good advice none the less.)

How to Prepare for Any Disaster

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