Saturday, 1 September 2007

Financing for growth in the gaming gambling sector, Synergies with offline gaming

finally, things are starting to get normal.

Got sometime to finish integrating Mark's report to the Gambit website. Many thanks for the fantastic speakers that contributed!

You may find the report on the Financing for growth, Private equity vs. public market, of the last Gambit public forum on finance of interest. full report here.

In terms of strategic fit, I am still surprised that our remote gaming market sector despite the risk nature is sooo risk averse, I guess this is partly due to the comparatively smaller capital expenditure and the constant flux of legal changes internationally, top management are forced to think short term to maximise on the return 'whilst you still can'...

I trust that is the wrong way of thinking about it, as it is a no brainer, that if any of the 'top brands' and 'market leaders' of our remote gaming sector, as soon as they buy some offline (not be bought!) gaming interests, or even gaming group, they would automatically gained a huge amount of trust, and therefore move the basis of competition away from the FMCG, you are as good as your last campaign type of scenario.

But hey, the later they do that, the better from my view, as I maybe able to pull off some deals before that happens. fingers crossed.

Do you agree?