Thursday, 3 July 2014

Opportunity lost!? My @Be_Champion challenge for @Mashable @PeteCashmore & others, @Twitter Users Demonstrate the Power of #1Connection

Twitter Users Demonstrate the Power of #1Connection:

This is interesting & cool but some might argue that it is opportunity lost. (no doubt it was fun!). 

Just like 'click through', it does not mean anyone bought anything nor have taken any action (other than tweeting).. (fact click-through made Google billion as a near monopoly is important but different point.) 

Given the power of social media, in 2014, I would have thought more thinking about how to harness social media for "Action & Impact" could have been done, especially given the enormous 'reach' by @mashable & @petecashmore  

Therefore, I would have love the campaign a lot more if you guys had taken the next step, e.g. "to challenge people" to do something good/better for themselves or others!?? 

might be worthwhile to change ourselves and thus maybe play a role (cool or not) in fixing the world!? see @Be_Champion 

As Stan Lee's Spiderman once said, "With great power comes great responsibility"! Lets' start something that has true impact, one tweet at a time!

peace out