Tuesday, 23 December 2008

My comments re China blogging, suicide, libel lawsuit, adultery: Webmasters Found Guilty of Online Harassment

Webmasters Found Guilty of Online Harassment

This unfortunate episode in China has highlighted many first. 

Blogging is becoming 'mainstream', but would major publications/blogger be deterred from 'engaging' in the future given this case? 

Privacy could also considered more important in the future, but could it really affect how the people would behave in China, given the 'crowd syndrom' over there?

The case is unfortunate (especially a life is lost!), but another view will also need to be considered where multiple wives are kept for those of more affluent individuals (which some may argue could be immoral), but blogging might also be an empowering 'tool' as otherwise we might not have heard about this, nor would it be reported by CaiJing!

Real question lies, whether/when/if blogging could be a key tool to bring 'real' transparencies towards business, political arenas and become the engine that enable entrepreneurial growth in China. 

Wednesday, 10 December 2008

My comments: Freezing cold, no internet, boring: it's a French web 2.0 conference! |

Freezing cold, no internet, boring: it's a French web 2.0 conference! |
Technology |

Brilliant post, some might argue that it was a bit harsh.. but I have never been to @LeWeb, have to trust PaulCarr's judgement.

thanks to twitter, I am now in touch with (& following) this brilliant community of Press/PR/Web/Technology /Entrepreneurial market.

Lets hope we can take that challenge up and do something smaller & yet warmer, with internet and cater for for those partial with drinks over here in London, not sure if I like hot tub with mostly men though.



Report of Gambit on CRM, what is key for the gaming gambling sector to reach, acquire AND retain their customers, November 08

Gambit on CRM, what is key for the gaming gambling sector to reach, acquire AND retain their customers, November 08, Gambit previous event

What more can I say? 

The reports says it all, just mark your diary, for the next one on 12th Feb.2009!

We will focus on something more interesting/glamorous about licensing Brands/Formats etc.! 

Tuesday, 9 December 2008

Good idea BUT ppl were looking! Spy Lens at The Photojojo Store

Spy Lens at The Photojojo Store

its a great idea

but if you look at the photos, seems like EVERYONE being photographed were looking at the lens because it is SO obvious! 


My thooughts re: Understanding HP Lab’s Twitter Research

Understanding HP Lab’s Twitter Research

Great post/insights, from Jeremiah, I am learning to know his 'real star' quality now in the Twitter world! this research is a mush read.

many thanks! I am one of those described above (or worst), as I created the account in April07, and started re-using it Nov/Dec08! Personal view: I think Twitter will not be mainstream until: 1.) It provide better privacy protection (not everyone want to 'blog' nor share the innermost secrets (within reasons), so, I have to use a 'public' profile and friends will have to follow me on my private & protected feed) 2.) groups At present, even with help of TweekDeck, it is still too many tweets and no easy way of managing all the information 3.) better computer/mobile client it will need more 'integrated' approach, as yes, it has 6+million users, but they have to rely on various 'hacks' or 3rd party clients to view/track/comment/re-tweet.. its too geeky (not that I am not.. but I am not joe blog the mass market.. and only when there is a more seamless client that the brand can really leverage/track/invest in using the channel to approach the market. Lets face it, the brand/media/FMCG leaders are just starting to understand online (limited mobile).. BR Gareth twitter: @garethwong

Saturday, 6 December 2008

Free videos 60 Minutes - Video, Reports, Profiles, Interviews - CBSNews.com

In many ways, I missed the time when I could watch CBS's 60minutes, great program although quite often with US focus but good program all the same. 

Good that we can watch it worldwide, rest of the world, feel jealous, as we in UK can watch tonnes of great documentaries, thanks to BBC's iplayer (but sadly its geolocked, as I tried to access it when I travelled to europe/asia.. )

60 Minutes - Video, Reports, Profiles, Interviews - CBSNews.com

This is a JAM.. 10 Awesome BlackBerry apps - Download Squad

10 Awesome BlackBerry apps - Download Squad

Thanks @loiclemeur

will try it out later

My thoughts: Characters who should tweet | Tom Watson MP

Characters who should tweet | Tom Watson MP

congrat. on your galant effort if you can convince them.  

However, despite my tech. background and in the 'tech' space since the 90s, I am still not comfortable with 'broadcasting' my life via blog, let alone twittering which is more personal and immediate (esp. via mobile & sms)  

Since I got a twitter account back in Apr07, I only started using it in the last few weeks, and I still keep my feed private. my thinking is that it is not yet ready for people that wants to keep privacy, its all very good with guys like @jemimakiss, & @guykawasaki who are already in public domain as part of the job or someone that want to use it as a tool to promote his business/activities.  

IMHO, I think it maybe difficult, as even person like myself who organise things, speak in conferences in my sector, I still to be honest like to 'keep to myself' or at least with those that I know.. I would hate to have people come up to me and says they know my family or my inner most secret when I have never heard of them before etc. (sometimes I forget, I have to admit, thats why I rely on my notes on my blackberry)..  

Therefore, until twitter can cater for people like me, where I keep my twitter feed private & yet still can interact with wider world (namely, can elect to interact with people publicly, maybe on a tweet by tweet basis), then yes, I think your work in trying to convince the said names above would be much easier.  

Hope to meet you sometime in the coming months/years,  

Best Regards  

Gareth Wong  

Twitter ID: @garethwong

Friday, 5 December 2008

Beware! BBC NEWS | Business | Parents warned on fake consoles

BBC NEWS | Business | Parents warned on fake consoles

Well, we should not be supporting the black market, especially if it pose as danger for our children. 

I have not checked the wii console from GAME yet, but maybe once when "santa delivered" it on 25th! ..

Have a great and safe Christmas all. 

Thursday, 4 December 2008

My thoughts: Twittersphere in shock as Tony Benn reveals he's never even heard of Twitter... |

Twittersphere in shock as Tony Benn reveals he's never even heard of Twitter... |
Media |

  • Challenge in our new digital world is one of trust.

    first challenge is 'who is really' behind the digital account, how do we know behind the twitter account garethwong and in fact the person typing this message is really me?

    @tonybenn without the profile picture could genuinely be another tony benn!

    Because of everyone just chasing short/medium term success within the dot.com world, we need something more sustainable, that works on market structural issues.

    There are only limited number of companies that are trying to bring the trust and transparency in terms of digital ID, like Garlik, we need more! or do tell me who!

    This happens before, as few weeks back, there was a 'Michael Dell' (pretend to be) that joined LinkedIn, and created some storms over there also..

    interesting time.



    Monday, 1 December 2008

    my comments re Online Gambling's Illegality Video - CBSNews.com

    Online Gambling's Illegality Video - CBSNews.com

    I have always loved 60minutes, thanks for highlighting another key challenge for the remote gaming gambling world.  

    However, I hope to clarify that US is NOT the world, and there are many great gaming jurisdictions worldwide that not only license up to highest standards (like Nevada) but also monitor and continuously improve their law to prevent fraud & protect consumers and vulnerable.  

    Challenge remains that no G8 nation has come out with a credible regulation for remote gaming with viable tax regime to regulate remote gaming gambling products/services. Closest we had was Gambling Act 2005 in UK however, the tax was too great to convince offshore firms to move back.  

    Therefore, as an independent financial guarantee company, GamBond® we work with regulators to put a price on default risk (going bust or license get pulled from a well regulated jurisdiction) of the gaming firms so that we can have a transparent ways of comparing viability of various regulated companies.  

    Its a multi-billion industry worldwide that has just over 10 years history, thats why we are seeing a huge amount of collaborations between regulators to work together. Fact remains that no one country can legislate for the world! Prohibition means that only black market providers can operate and its nearly impossible to monitor and protect millions of consumers.  

    Best regards  

    Gareth Wong 

    Founder CEO 
    GamBond® Ltd.

    The Full 60minutes video is below.