Sunday, 31 May 2015

My Challenge for the luminaries: Hunting for next Google | The Sunday Times

Hunting for next Google | The Sunday Times:

"The Business Growth Fund has wooed the former boss of Lovefilm and Mothercare to manage a new £200m cash-pot earmarked for investments in start-up tech companies.

It has appointed Simon Calver, who led the film rental service Lovefilm until its sale to Amazon in 2011, to run the fund alongside Balderton Capital investor Harry Briggs, and Rory Stirling from MMC Ventures. Cheques between £500,000 and £5m will be handed out from the autumn."
for more, must read: Hunting for next Google | The Sunday Times:


 Its a good sign.. step towards the right direction..

I may be wrong in predicting end of Facebook by 2019 (five years from 2013) 

IMHO biggest opportunities in tech are still:

1) End to End trust and security ecosystem 


2) "Reverse of search" (yup: antithesis of google)  are the future, sadly limited of firms are in that space!

Would £200m be enough? Can London/UK dare to do that? 

Fact of the matter is that we need more competitions and collaborations between all VCs/Angels and HNWs towards the right goals/ecosystems. Trying to make similar apps and P2P fintech that still use the same banking backbones just not ambitious enough.. (which is the firm that are fixing the financial market's systemic risks at the billion/trillion level?)

Learning from Charity/Philanthropy sector: Its like focusing on FundRaising, rather than fixing the problems/cause... UK is now making enough noises and creating enough news about funds and Tech-City etc., now might be the time to pick a direction/goals that all can be measured against.. 

Title of this post is a good one. lets aim to create a better model that spells end of /better version of Google? 

My slight challenge to the luminaries in Tech, Do we/anybody dare? 

Don't get me started with Valutions (vs cash flow) and Value-Add etc. 

PS: Tech industry alone cannot fix everything, it must be done in conjunction/collaboration with other industries like media/entertainment & disciplines like behaviour science+humanities, see my challenge for those industry+thought leaders re Tomorrowland Today: