Wednesday, 30 September 2009

Social Media and the Future of Newspapers - Thomas Crampton

Social Media and the Future of Newspapers - Thomas Crampton

I would agree with Thomas, don't be anti-social..

previously other than LinkedIn, I was very much against & had no time for blogs, twitters etc.

now through twitter, I manage (when I try) to learn outside of my industries (finance/insurance/gaming/gambling/strategy) and learn more about agencies/media etc. and seeing this post/video is a testament.

However, TRUST is a key point and as one of the lady say, because of its physical, the 'trust' aspect goes up dramatically.. and I am not sure if the internet/social/mobile media could ever 'replace' that .. unless/until some short hand to aid and bridge this trust & confidence gap..

the fact that as Thomas suggested, we should all have a blog, its madness not to.. this would sadly ultimately make the trust issue worst.. like X-Factor, and how the judges smirk at some guys/girls who really don't have talent.. a lot of people's 'blogs' might or might not be useful.. and thus might discourage others to join the blogsphere..

thought provoking stuff..

thanks for this


Thursday, 17 September 2009

How to Send and Receive Text Messages for Free - Gina Trapani -

How to Send and Receive Text Messages for Free - Gina Trapani -

Interesting update. I would like to clarify one thing: "Even though SMS text messages are only 160 characters and cost your cellphone carrier virtually nothing to transmit" in fact, reality is not that simple. SMS is using the 'signalling' channel within the GSM 04.08 standards, which in fact is the very precious channel on each 'cell' that is the 'nervous system' of setting up calls, transferring one mobile to next etc. Therefore, yes, you might be right on 'bandwidth' but in fact, SMS is a danger (if used too much within a cell area) that would dramatically decrease quality of service within the cell area. Case in point is, when you 'try to make a call', the mobile just keep hanging up by itself, have you experienced it? that is when there is traffic jam on the signalling channel. I know, as I devised a signalling channel planning system back when I was at BT Research lab.. don't ask me to do it again though, as I have forgotten it all (mostly). Rest I agree, from a users point of view, yes, free is great! ;-) @GarethWong

Tuesday, 1 September 2009

my comments re Fox Livens Up Re-runs With Twitter Commentaries

Fox Livens Up Re-runs With Twitter Commentaries

In terms of 'revenue' this might be a step back, not only is it not new by using twitter, which is mostly free. SMS+shortcode previously meant engagement but via short codes(mostly premium), which brings in stupid amount of money even for not so good content (esp. chat with scantily cladded people) by using twitter, it is arguably might be moving backwards. As SMS is probably the only truely pervasive 'ways' for consumers to interact (as they don't need to download any twitter client and get to know/use twitter).. however, given the hype and target audience of programs like Fringe, twitter and the possibility of interacting with cast and producers/director, might create enough buzz +enough novelty value for it to work.. IMHO, it is just buzz, unless and until it has a valid business model that helps content owner to further 'monetise' the IP and first, 2nd and 3rd runs of shows.. It might however be a valid first step.. and hope twitter is still around in 5 yrs time! @GarethWong