Monday, 30 August 2010

case laws/precedents of Offer and acceptance within social media/networked world?? like twitter for example

My legal friends worldwide, wonder if you have any insights/experiences on the validity of
Offer and acceptance - Wikipedia applied to the social media world, particularly on broadcast medium like Twitter?

What jurisdictions would the contract be formed?

e.g. if Disney in UK is making an offer for special UK tour of a theatre show of a High School Musical 5 (for argument sake) via twitter, first to response would be entered into price draw.
there was only one response would that be a valid offer & acceptance??

wonder if there is any case law/precedence and experiences, and thoughts if not happened before/yet!?

Can they rescind the offer like offline offers?

would it make any difference if the accepting parties are outside of the offered jurisdiction?? e.g. can Canadian citizen or Citizen in Asia accept offers from European country??

just wondered.

Saturday, 28 August 2010

2 breakdancers in front of Eiffel tower part 2


two breakdancers in front of Eiffel Tower (short video) part1

cool bunch of guys

suggest you stop by there!

get a few Euros ready though at least!

Chinglish... restaurant owners got conned!? May I take your order? �

May I take your order? �

more examples on link above.

but sadly a lot of local Chinese restaurant owners have probably never left China, nor do they know any people that speak English... hence, likely to be conned by the first 'translator' that turned up.. ashame that they did not manage to 'double check' the quality of the translation(s).

Tuesday, 17 August 2010

short comments re Self Proclaimed ‘Social Media Experts’ – damaging | The Wall Blog

Self Proclaimed ‘Social Media Experts’ – damaging | The Wall Blog

Self proclaimed experts in any field are dangerous, especially for new emerging industries like social media, converged games & entertainment categories (we will see more) are as challenging..

Sincerely hope we will not see more self proclaimed 'gurus' in other industries and even 'life coaches' around the world..

in order to do so, we need more recognised AND proven 'measurement' of social media successes (not only case studies) and certainly through not only eyeballs/followers/liked BUT 'qualified' followers and mainly measured by perceived or real fellowship (by action even just via simple RTs or indeed incremental donation/purchases/real-life actions etc.)

There should hopefully be simple ways of checking people's quality/background simply and transparently.. I totally agree with your quality over quantity comment, thats why even my personal twitter feed is private (from day one I started using it properly) @GarethWong ...

good luck with all your new and old initiatives..

Tuesday, 3 August 2010

China to build ginormous buses that cars can drive under (video) -- Engadget

China to build ginormous buses that cars can drive under (video) -- Engadget

Nice one

best is not the hearsay but the video (in mandarin).

My short comments re Shutdown for a Gatekeeper of Telecom Gold_English_Caixin, + Book: The Party: The Secret World of China's Communist leaders

Shutdown for a Gatekeeper of Telecom Gold_English_Caixin

This story should be read in conjunction of this book:

Great stories to highlight

1.) how business 'really work' in China
2.) one really need to immerse there culturally to be able to figure out the mechanics
3.) we have to do our best to understand first and foremost AND assimilate before judging it from the western point of view..

as the alternative (if there was any) might be much worst, especially uncertainty and chaos, which might arise ...

Monday, 2 August 2010

offline use of online information will become significant I am certain! Google tracks political allegiances - tech - 31 July 2010 - New Scientist

Google tracks political allegiances - tech - 31 July 2010 - New Scientist:

This is in fact rather significant.

As most of the twittering/blogging world so far (to be fair) for majority of the population worldwide is a minority (yes I said it).. but the application of the internet world for use of the offline sense, be it political, business, would and in fact will take hold and change how people behave and interact.

as I have short tweeted before, i.e.:

@GarethWong Typical respond from SA.CXO:"I am not very good at social webs etc I am afraid but will join" big guys don't need social network!! @LinkedIn

people are already successful offline that did not want to/need to engage online..

This is akin to convincing 70-80years old age pensioners to go online to do their weekly shopping.. which do happen, but only an enlighten few as they do not see the 'extra value' it might bring them..

however, with new cross-on/offline features like this, it might just encourage more people to take a peek.. . the rest as they say will be history!

"Sang Hoon Lee at Korea's Advanced Institute of Science and Technology in Daejeon wanted to see how search engines could highlight relationships, so opted to study the 100 US senators in Congress in 2006. He used Google to search for web pages listing pairs of senators' names and used the number of results to weight the strength of the relationship.

This data was used to draw up a 'relationship map' of senators in the run-up to the 2006 Senate elections. Defeated presidential candidate John Kerry was the Democrat most linked to, while John McCain was the most linked to Republican. The results, says Lee, show that simple analyses can reveal real-world links (PloS One, DOI: 10.1371/journal.pone.0011233)."

my short comments on Twitter is changing how we interact with the world | Technology |

Twitter is changing how we interact with the world | Technology |

Thought provoking indeed.

this is in fact a new wave, and in fact akin to the arrival of 'mobile' in mid/late 90's.

do you still remember those people hissing behind when people started talking on their mobile?

I was at one stage very self-concious when started talking on mobile in public (not the same problem with other fellow colleges from the mobile sector ofcourse)..

Challenge now with twitter (never really got into blogging much, I must confess) is that there is a 'trace' of one's comments.. same for facebook and other social network.

therefore, broadcasting is in fact not everyone's preference.. and my suggestion is to approach with care.

why not 'tweet' but from a protected account like I do.

happy adjusting to the new digital & connected world.