Thursday, 31 December 2009

The best of the Big Picture - Telegraph

The best of the Big Picture - Telegraph

wow, the above is my favourite, brilliant selection indeed!

great photos or what!?

10 Must-have Google Chrome Extensions

10 Must-have Google Chrome Extensions

never really checked but

should look into chrome extension when my notebook come back to life.

these look pretty good.

so glad others s work hard on getting these best of threads on all sort of subject.. however, not sure if it is sustainable culture..

How not to handle China | Jonathan Fenby | Comment is free |

How not to handle China | Jonathan Fenby | Comment is free |

This is a much more balanced piece, definitely much better than the Mark Lyna's piece that mentioned mainly China crashed the party...

It is how the free press should really be used. balanced and aim to inform.

Monday, 28 December 2009

Saturday, 26 December 2009

China unveils 'world's fastest train link' - Yahoo! News

China unveils 'world's fastest train link' - Yahoo! News

Brilliant to see that not only bad news or cheap labour stories coming out from China.

It's story like this that make us proud to be Chinese for more than a moment.. given at the same time Eurostar having a bit of issues..

Key however is not who/which country has the fastest train but which one has the best ecology of business that benefit all but not only a few.

That would be the super good news that hopefully will make us proud to be a Chinese in the coming years..

Tech Pioneers of 2010: Future Innovation Leaders - BusinessWeek

Tech Pioneers of 2010: Future Innovation Leaders - BusinessWeek

Great article by Jennifer! @jennschenker

many great aspirational examples..

Friday, 25 December 2009

Korea still a Hermit Kingdom, says study - INSIDE JoongAng Daily

Korea still a Hermit Kingdom, says study - INSIDE JoongAng Daily

I personally think that most of the Tech firm had focused sometime get the wrong end of the stick when they 'think' and invest in millions trying to emulate Asia in the west.

This is a great example where, the structure, culture, social environment of another great technology success story of Korean is in fact not well understood..

It is also social (or not) of Japanese culture (plus the lack of internet penetration + reasonable business model) which led to the overwhelming success of DoCoMo i-mode.. which could also be argued why the same success did not arrive for i-mode outside of Japan.

Our information/Internet/Twitter age should promote understanding, as long as we do not 'group think', which sadly it is pretty much the case most of the time, even within the Twitter age/community..

Merry Christmas to you where ever you might be.


Tuesday, 22 December 2009

BBC gets green light over Project Canvas | Networks |

BBC gets green light over Project Canvas | Networks |

When this comes out, it will be AWESOME.. saw it deomoed by Eric Hugger.. just hope it will be as good or even better when launched!

.. excited nerd mode on. ;-)

Sunday, 13 December 2009

This could be big, but not what you might think! Google to Start Selling Own Phone Without Wireless Partner by Next Year -

Google to Start Selling Own Phone Without Wireless Partner by Next Year -

Brave, and my personal take is that Google and Eric has got it right.

It maybe risky on the surface of it, but as I have written widely before, the MNOs seem to be the gatekeepers within the highly regulated and high capex market, sadly they have let their eyes mostly off the balls, and still do not know what their clients want.

Most of the handset manufacturers are now creating the handsets for MNOs, rather than consumers only, as the MNOs decide and can in fact influence what the clients may want, with iPhone the exception, rather than the rules.

However, even with iPhone, which is arguably the first true handset manufacturer that focus only on what consumers may want but STILL distribute mainly via in most cases exclusive distribution agreements with MNOs (although it may have limited success so far in China with China Unicom)..

Google in fact as far as I can see, understand that, and they themselves IS probably the biggest sales channel, and if they start distributing/selling directly a device. I have no doubt, what so ever that it will become a great success (if the device is indeed what the consumer/clients may work, and minimum works, reliable and deliver as promised etc.) ..

However, the bigger implication that people might not be aware of is in fact something much more fundamental shift, as they might get a tastes and in fact use the mobile to distribute more 'custom' made products/services (virtual or otherwise).. with likes of visual search like Google goggle.. where does it end?

if all goes to plan, we might be shopping at Google shop very soon, rather than our local Walmart or Tesco.. retailers, wake up, NOW!


bestof2009 - Lifehacker

bestof2009 - Lifehacker

some of the best articles/shortcuts..

note to self to check them out properly if/when I can have a rest during hols. ;-)

Tuesday, 8 December 2009

Online Shopping Benefits Biggest Web Merchants Most | Peter Kafka | MediaMemo | AllThingsD

Online Shopping Benefits Biggest Web Merchants Most | Peter Kafka | MediaMemo | AllThingsD

The Web democratise content, but sadly without ways of bridging 'trust & confidence' means invariably, most still do NOT transact online, but even if they do, they skewed towards those with best price and services (which most likely will get best perceived offers from the big/consolidated brands) It is sadly at present unlike YouTube democratising content.. it does not bode well for retailers.. as despite the great 'market place' of likes of eBay.. it is still 'buyers beware'.. but one would trust the local market more vs. market in Istanbu.. but eBay is still mostly black art for most of the mass market (we are not talking about internet 'penetration' here).. the pervasive retail environment is still sadly a LONG way away.. @GarethWong

Sunday, 6 December 2009

How Foursquare is Changing Social Media Marketing

How Foursquare is Changing Social Media Marketing

Thanks very interesting post.

We think alike.

However, sadly foursquare for me is difficult as I use blackberry in UK. Privacy is key issue, I have an account but challenge of logging on seems a bit difficult.

Microcommunity is a great interim solution.. but friends that shares similar tastes (based on our limited trusted circles even with comparative transparent social media) is different from collection of a 'trusted' community which shares similar need/preferences but having the biggest challenge of 'discovery' taken out of the equation...

See my contrary comments on the reverse of 'search'.. its a different ways of thinking of issue from a different angle.



Saturday, 5 December 2009

Search will be killed by co-creation, yes, Search will #soon# be dead

I don't know about you. Is it me that is the only person in the world that appreciate the advanced of the internet/mobile/new media/social media etc. etc. and our age of search or 'google'.. but yet I personally have big reservation.. even the web 4.0 or was it 3.0 of 'semantic web' would not solve what we consumer or B2B customers want.. which is 'qualified' answer(s).

Good example is that just now, I needed to find our 'local' 24 hours (sadly maybe just lower my requirement of open late) pharmacies.. it is nearly impossible by the ubiquitous 'search'.. and I am tech savvy!

The response had thousands of results and some 'cheated' ones even from where it looked like it had the answer but once clicked through, it had another several hundreds unrelated results.. even my own GP's website and the NHS direct website does not provide information, well, it did tell us to call if urgent, and if not urgent wait until next working day, which is two days away!

Surely, the future or what we need in the present is this:

1.) We have a need (now or in the defined future)
2.) some qualified and trusted provider (of products/services) will be approaching us in time through trusted channels (via mobile, email/sms etc.)
3.) We can then transact through trusted methods either directly or via proxy

Not difficult.. surely!

As Search at the moment sadly is our ONLY choice, it does not solve NOR address

a.) discovery
b.) trust
c.) transaction


therefore, I would like to assert that despite at present likes of Google might have US$150Bn market cap.. it is not the future..

but co-creation is.

I hope I have time to bring customer-life to the world (something I planned from 1999) and before Prahalad & Ramaswamy coined the word 'c0-creation'..

I would like to say that #Soon#, when there is a valid option.. Search WILL BE dead..

Just saying.


Crackdown on China GMAT Cheating - BusinessWeek

Crackdown on China GMAT Cheating - BusinessWeek

Sad but true.

Wednesday, 2 December 2009

What are the best TV ads of the noughties? | Media |

What are the best TV ads of the noughties? |

Great selections, which one do you like?

Civil Society - Finance - News | GamCare under threat from Gambling Strategy Board proposals

Civil Society - Finance - News | GamCare under threat from Gambling Strategy Board proposals

this is yet potentially another harsh and haste judgement by supposedly independent strategy review board.

It was pulled together specifically to use fresh eyes to look at the 'responsible' and funding aspects of the gaming gambling sector.

If it was to say that the present setup of GamCare is too administrative and not efficient spend of money, that is another issue, and if so, it should be addressed ASAP.

From the outside market point of view, both the regulation of Gambling Act 2005 (dis regarding the treasury position) and GamCare are the two 'pillars' of the gaming sector in UK that is being studied (in some case emulated) worldwide..

Hope that the action is not to be taken in haste by the Gambling commission...

Why The Economics Of Social Gaming Are So Attractive To Investors | paidContent

Why The Economics Of Social Gaming Are So Attractive To Investors
| paidContent

Great one also.

Why Abu Dhabi Will Help Dubai - Conversation Starter -

Why Abu Dhabi Will Help Dubai - Conversation Starter -

Well written

must read.

Tuesday, 1 December 2009

Google: Zeitgeist 2009

Google: Zeitgeist 2009

Another year..

Platon: Photographs of World Leaders : The New Yorker

Platon: Photographs of World Leaders : The New Yorker

Nice gig when you can get it.. hard work.. but no doubt he is gleefully thinking the book, exhibitions, interviews he can do now armed with all these portraits and 'niche' he created.

Well done!

Monday, 30 November 2009

CDFA home page

CDFA home page

Important resources for SMEs in UK..

preview below (from above website), suggest you visit!


CDFIs are independent organisations which provide loans and support to businesses and individuals. They help people who have had trouble getting finance from the usual sources such as banks and building societies. They are helping to create opportunity and prosperity in disadvantaged communities. As the trade association for CDFIs, the cdfa's mission is to grow, support and strengthen the sector.

Back our campaign for the Government, banks and other stakeholders to boost their support of CDFIs:


Sunday, 29 November 2009

BBC News - First China milk scandal legal claim reaches courts

BBC News - First China milk scandal legal claim reaches courts

Indeed very sad news.

However, due to the constant change at the national, regional and local level, typical officials and in fact some unscrupulous entrepreneurs are very short sighted (not sure how long the good time lasts!).. and do some things which they do not even have time to think regarding potential consequences..

Sadly, even with the harsh sentences like this, would it really serve as deterrents?

Some might argue that it might not change much, as otherwise, he/she might still be waiting for temporary jobs.. somewhere in a queue.

We should all be glad that we are in countries with a proper rule of law but most importantly some medium and long term horizon which we can plan for and work towards..


May we live in interesting times!
and yes, do good business but be safe (for yourself and others) ..

(am I doing a Jerry Springer?)

AXbo Sleep Phase alarm clock review - Pocket-lint

AXbo Sleep Phase alarm clock review - Pocket-lint

Sadly price point totally wrong..

but could be brilliant product that can take over the market.. probably 1/4 or 1/5 of the price..

oh well, it will come but sadly when the affordable (by mass market) equivalent comes to market, sadly probably be a copy cat..

great product if it works and of course get the pricing right!

Saturday, 21 November 2009

WWII in Colour and HD on Discovery

WWII in Colour and HD on Discovery

What can I say, one of the better prog. documenting the best monumental history of the WORLD!

perfect for those (like me) didn't study much during the secondary school (in HK).

Illustration of WWII planes

Hong Kong Citizens Are Living in Cages… Literally

Hong Kong Citizens Are Living in Cages… Literally

Don't forget, we had huge numbers of 'tin shacks' shanty town also... guess they were the 'luckier' type of people..

But in general, people are much more 'driven' to earn and strive, where the 'benefit culture' was unheard of. Which could have been part of the reason for the Hong Kong success.

Sadly, now with the advent of new arrivals from China and due to better benefits (& afraid of losing out) more HK Chinese are now receiving 'benefits'..

Lets hope it does not become another UK, where it might means being a single mum with several kids means working would make her family poorer!

Very sad situation indeed.

Friday, 20 November 2009

"20. The best way to predict the future is to create it yourself!"

Untitled Document: "20. The best way to predict the future is to create it yourself!"

I particularly like:

"20. The best way to predict the future is to create it yourself!"

"remote commerce" Elephant in the room [RCEiTR]

Elephant in the room - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Had a short but interesting conversation with a 'investor' at Nesta event yesterday (gr8 event, see my other sporatic tweets/blog), typical no card which means I will (have already)forget him..

the conversation was about 'search' and early stage investing, but a fraction of it I would like to draw one's attention here, it is the big remote-commece "elephant in the room".. [RCEiTR]

Like the agency world, startup world (valley) included which a good proportion of them mostly focus on building followings (monetise via advertising!?) but mostly via trade sales (typically due to opportunity cost/bid & give astronomical but unjustifyable multiples)..

everyone forget [RCEiTR].. that is, most people STILL DO NOT transact remotely, either via online, mobile or interactive TV..

yes, the web, mobile web and i-mode and everything has become pervasive.. most, including Nokia (unlike Apple) has not cracked it yet..

mostly because the trust/education/business model (of the value chain) is not yet matured AND communicated (& educated) ...

So, lets keep on playing the build up and sell it before they realise/prove the value game.

[talking from a not yet multi-millionaire sour grapes point of view of course] ;-)


Question I did not manage to ask: NESTA - Social media with Stephen Fry (Great Video!)

NESTA - Social media with Stephen Fry

Great event indeed.
Some of the photos & videos I took here on Flickr.

Sadly the guys where ushered away and I could not even shake hands (I was at the front like groupies) with @Biz or Reid.. but I did manage with @StephenFry (whom we do DM each other, as 1 of his 'trillion' followers, he is kind 2 respond when he can!)

Question I had for Biz & Reid from the social media world is this, hope they can answer, as it touches on a lot of CXOs' concerns..

Question to Reid & Biz are these:

1.) Are you guys not trying too much to increase 'reach' by doing cross distribution deals that might be running the danger of 'scaring' off potential new users (e.g. the user interface on LinkedIn is now very BUSY!).. what are you doing to as Biz put it, make it simple? twitter is simple, but very noisy (me included)

and the group is so much for popularist now that most become an email address farmer's dream (thats why most groups are run by consultants & recruiters) {declaration: main group I run is for my business school}

2.) Exit strategy (for us users): What happens with our network of contacts/trusts/good will/ endorsements etc.? if/when you guys exit (Twitter don't mind much for me, but no doubt for top guys like ChrisB, GuyK, etc. same question to Biz/Ev)?? what can we do as users to capture and export that?? have you guys got some API/expert standards agreed with other social networks?? I would hate for my years of time/energy investments to lay wasted..

3.) what can Twitter do for those of us who are not fame seeker and would like to engage but only mostly with qualified individuals? (not just verified celebrities/bloggers, there are more common people who's voice need to be heard etc.)

=== more reasons for asking below:

Namely, the "potential danger" of Convergence of Social media/network.. one example is my personal experiences and reason for 'choosing LinkedIn' .. which I am a firm supporter/user since 2000 (if not before? could you check for me from your system?)

I chose to use LinkedIn back in 2004 as the platform of choice for the creation of MBA alumni group (for Cass Business School, we were first few batches of group trials) was that I saw LinkedIn was the better system where the Quality of people were much higher and more pervasive (across different industries & countries) than others (like ecademy, OpenBC/Xing, AsmallWorld etc.)

Reason for choosing LinkedIn was that it was simple, non invasive/busy, but value adding, essentially, 'linked' and qualified CVs and experiences/endorsements between others.. which was main benefits I tried to convince my senior business contacts to start using it.. since 2004.

My business had always been Business to Business (B2B), and so, do not need /care much about the blogging world (for me black art), nor Twitter. I had a twitter a/c for one year before I started using it properly towards end of 08.. I am an earnest user but still prefer my privacy, and use it mostly to keep in touch with my existing contacts but limited way reach out to some new contacts (properly only 20% if not less).

My personal goals of networking is focus on mostly quality over quantity when I can, based on years of networking experience so far, the typical response from senior executives (who rarely use internet[other than emails], let alone social networks) would take them 2-4years to respond/accept and start using social network like LinkedIn.

[It is hard work, as even fellow MBAs don't join, Jonathan Kestenbaum, CEO of Nesta who interviewed you guys is a fellow Cass MBA, but we are in contact, but he does not use social network, most CXOs I know (say 80+%) don't as they are too busy, some even have schedules down to 15min slots! probably like Reid]

Twitter I find useful personally (read filtered/recommended blogs & short communication) but majority of B2B people do NOT, in fact, they see it as self indulgence and looking for glory (yes, they said that we are)..

Danger I see with the latest integration/convergence of Twitter into LinkedIn, Open-APIs like those of Facebook might make likes of LinkedIn too busy for not yet converted senior business executives.. or lose those that already have signed up..

Do you guys have any plans/works in understanding the needs/wants for those that are not yet part of the 'mash-up' world??

Seems to me everyone is trying to do their own thing in the silicon valley and focusing on how best to next exit (secretly), as no, everyone is NOT thinking about exit, but sadly thats what is happening, typical turnaround as I see it is 2/3 years (LinkedIn excluded)..

It is only sustainable if the system & mash-up will entice/encourage new established people to join (rather than people that change roles/jobs/startup on a bi-annual basis)..

what can us normal bricks & mortar people do? my years of investment of time & connections and good will/ endorsements.

Of course, this is my personal point of view, despite I have over 2,000 connnections on LinkedIn, I have met every single one of them and we are in conversations etc. one way or another,but my capacity is already maxed out.

So, really respect @StephenFry for being our role model to lead 1m people.. but hey, he is super intellectual major celebrity.. (whom I managed to shake hands with.).. cheers to you Stephen (not that I can do what you do in a million years!)

I hope above make sense.. if not, it is not my fault but please help me to rephrase them.. gotta rest now, and getting up as usual in 4hours..


Monday, 16 November 2009

What Makes Them Click � Blog Archive � 100 Things You Should Know About People: #8 — Dopamine Makes You Addicted To Seeking Information - Applying

What Makes Them Click � Blog Archive � 100 Things You Should Know About People: #8 — Dopamine Makes You Addicted To Seeking Information - Applying Psychology to Understand How People Think, Work, and Relate

Many thanks for this post. loved it. so glad that after a year, I finally started using twitter in 08, as otherwise, I would have never come across gem blog/posts like yours. It also explains the 'mechanism' of why we love mystery box like JJAbrams explains!? definitely a lot of food for thought.. now how do we 'apply' that into the business.. that would be an interesting artform. BR @GarethWong

Saturday, 14 November 2009

working in the print media industry today

working in the print media industry today

many LOL moments.. strong language, parental guidance..

It shows that power skewed towards 'enterprise'.. but surely contractors should know that they should NOT rely on enterprises for jobs/contracts..

get out there and 'network'..

its very sad situation but it is true that joe-blog with a semi-decent camera can call themselves are camera-man now..

it is tough out there!

Thursday, 12 November 2009

Joke(s) of the day

don't miss the corporate days myself, remember on daily basis, tonnes of these 'fun' jokes get sent & received..

but this is one of the few that I still receive but thought it was fun:

1.)This one really touched my heart!

"Dear God,

This year please send

clothes for all those poor ladies in

Daddy's computer.


2.) Look very carefully at the picture below:


See a girl with an exposed ass at the back?

If you answered “Yes”, …….. scroll down.

Then make an immediate appointment with your eye doctor and your spiritual advisor.

(You have both very poor vision and a very dirty mind.)

The “exposed ass” that you think that you see is actually the shoulderof the girl taking the picture!!

Sunday, 8 November 2009

Despite Slump, Venture Firm Sets Up $575 Million Fund -

Despite Slump, Venture Firm Sets Up $575 Million Fund -

Brilliant stuff.

we need more people like Reid in Europe.. in some ways, we are seeing that with Brent Hoberman & Michael Birch's ProFounders.. but sadly these are exception to the rules..

We need desperately more 'Scaled friendly competitions'.. between big boys.. not just talk and talk.. or entertainment (mostly) like dragon's den.

We need grass root work, rather than the exceptions.. future of the multi-country, multi-language, multi-cultural challenges across Europe would also means it could pose great opportunity!

Just hope that those people that exited their multi-millions or tens of/hundreds of million companies can join forces and do something great and re-invest..

fingers crossed.

What Startups Are Really Like

What Startups Are Really Like

this is one of the best article so far in this subject. ;)

Saturday, 7 November 2009

Robots that show real emotions! | Freaky! � Bit Rebels

Robots that show real emotions! | Freaky! � Bit Rebels


So, does it means I.Robot/BladeRunner/even Terminator's scenario might become a reality?

Personally I think unless and until there is a concerted efforts, not purely from research point of view, or military, but something real in front of corporations like "utility for profit".. then there would be more effort and most importantly investment to 'make it happen'..

We are waiting to see some real 'consumer' benefits of the annual DARPA Grand Challenge (aim to have best 'driverless cars) Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA), the most prominent research organization of the United States Department of Defense. ..

We probably need something more in the Robot field, but it might already exist but a little guy like me just do not know about it (yet!)!


Friday, 6 November 2009

Digital Games for Physical, Cognitive and Behavioral Health | SharpBrains

Digital Games for Physical, Cognitive and Behavioral Health | SharpBrains

This might be for some business purpose.. games industry would be overjoyed if this was the case.. ;-)

Same type of investments should also be used for media & entertainment world, surely? there is no data nor research on how grand theft auto and in fact die hard films might affect/change people's behaviour?

Saturday, 31 October 2009

Stephen Fry's fans lobby actor not to give up Twitter | Technology | The Observer

Stephen Fry's fans lobby actor not to give up Twitter |
Technology |
The Observer

I can totally agree with Stephen, it might feel like that sometime.

Having networked extensively (in person) across many industries and countries worldwide, IMHO, my observation is this:

*** We cannot be friends with nor agree with everyone! ***

That is why not it is the perception that I network a lot, but in fact, I try my best NOT to meet people or put it another way, ONLY meet with quality people when I can.

As it is NOT pleasant to say no or not to follow up.

It is therefore, my rule to try to understand who someone else is before I approach/get introduced to them and try to see if we connect/understand each other.

Dear Stephen:

However, being a celebrity is a totally different beast, plus having a 'direct' connection/contact with everyone is sadly not physically possible, especially if like Stephens you have close to million followers!

Please do not forget, you also have some normal, respectful and friendly folks (like me with our limited no. of DMs between us.)

Of course it is your decision, but my suggestion is maybe you adopt the strategy of the 'good guy', namely treat people good when they are good to you, and ignore those bad guys until they apologise.. some people might want in their little lives their 'purpose', which might just be trying to be the one to put off a celebrity from using twitter.

I have observed that in various circles..

Our lives' decision should not be decided by a small/minority.. Twitter's transparency does not help. but that is the reason why my personal tweets are private. ;-)

Stephen is very brave.. it is your decision to decide whether to invest further for the rest of the almost million followers of yours (me included!) whatever your choice, we will support you!

Best regards


Thursday, 29 October 2009

A Twitter bug and two Facebook viruses are spreading | Technology | Los Angeles Times

A Twitter bug and two Facebook viruses are spreading | Technology | Los Angeles Times

The pervasive web and now more the social media world means the rules are being made, and sadly spammer's paradise..

it will become much worst before it might become better.. by that time, Twitter and facebook might take different form..

may we live in interesting times.


Credit Ratings Now Optional, Firms Find -

Credit Ratings Now Optional, Firms Find -

Time has changed..


This should not be taken lightly..

this might be the start of the slippery slope..

but question is what are the solutions?

Hopefully GamBond® could be one!


Saturday, 24 October 2009

How Long Does it Take to Build a Technology Empire?

How Long Does it Take to Build a Technology Empire?

thanks for the tip @MarcGoldberg

Great article indeed! ;)

peHUB � Private Equity To Tweet, Begrudgingly

� Private Equity To Tweet, Begrudgingly

surely, we gotta have some market leaders in UK/Europe/Asia!??

Twitter is NOT US centric! ;)

"Here is the handful of the buyout pros (or at least deal pros) that I found on Twitter (email me if you know of others):

Rich Lawson of Huntsman Gay - @Rich_Lawson

Buyout firm The Riverside Co.: @theriversideco

UK private equity house Endless LLP has a sporadic account that’s been up since May: @EndlessLLP

UK Consultant and private equity blogger Matthew Craig-Greene is pretty active: @mattcg

Fred Theil of Triton Pacific Capital Partners tweets, but you have to follow him to read them: @fgthiel His colleague Kirk Mitchie tweets here: @KirkMitchie

Partner at Deutsch Inc. and peHUB Vox Populi Contributer Mike Duda: �@mikeduda

Banker Mark Reiboldt, VP at Coker Capital, tweets here: @markreiboldt

The British Private Equity and Venture Capital Association has an account: @BVCA

There’s also Private Equity Jobs listings from @equityjobs

And Greg Needham of NorthShore Capital Advisors, tweets about middle market M&A at @GregWNeedham

And of course, there’s Dan and the peHUB feed: @peHUB, as well as Deborah Gage: @Deborahgage, Alastair Goldfisher: @agoldfisher, and me: @griffitherin"

lessons & what U can do! The End of the Line - 4oD - Channel 4

lessons & what U can do! The End of the Line - 4oD - Channel 4

Totally agree, need to work together to turn back the clock!

Avoid farmed fishes, but eat smaller fishes..

neet to put pressure on governments to help protect.. as only less than 1% of ocean is protected! NEED political power/support.

Consumers need to change eating habits

We need to fix it in our lifetime!

yes, ACT NOW.

Just do it.

1.) Ask before you buy, ONLY eat sustainable seafood

2.) Tell Politicians, Respect the science, cut the fishing fleet

3.) Join the Campaign, for marine protected areas and responsible fishing

Links & suggestions?

Wednesday, 21 October 2009

BBC NEWS | Business | Governor warns bank split needed

BBC NEWS | Business | Governor warns bank split needed

Can't agree more!

the present system is broken.

As I mentioned many times before, it is not the 'gears' that need to be better oiled and monitored.

But the Gear Box might need to be changed!

very Brave of Mervyn King, my hero, keen to meet him now, where I had multiple opportunities to do so before.. will now seek him out!

RT @GarethWong: Totally! Mervyn King: bank's delusion telegraph: BoE transcript: BBC:

Monday, 5 October 2009

Saturday, 3 October 2009

China celebrates 60 years - The Big Picture -

China celebrates 60 years - The Big Picture -

One of the best selection of great photos!

even better that all on same page, rather than keep having to navigate via tiny virtual buttons..

Brilliant! Must watch!

Thursday, 1 October 2009

BBC iPlayer - The Love of Money: The Bank That Bust the World

BBC iPlayer - The Love of Money: The Bank That Bust the World

Don't forget that UK is the best place in the world, I used to and still do love it as there are tonnes of great documentaries,

this is one of the better one in the last year or so.

Do catchup now if you have not seen it!

The interviews are from literally the horeses mouth from ministers to prime ministers etc.!

Brilliant indeed!

Wednesday, 30 September 2009

Social Media and the Future of Newspapers - Thomas Crampton

Social Media and the Future of Newspapers - Thomas Crampton

I would agree with Thomas, don't be anti-social..

previously other than LinkedIn, I was very much against & had no time for blogs, twitters etc.

now through twitter, I manage (when I try) to learn outside of my industries (finance/insurance/gaming/gambling/strategy) and learn more about agencies/media etc. and seeing this post/video is a testament.

However, TRUST is a key point and as one of the lady say, because of its physical, the 'trust' aspect goes up dramatically.. and I am not sure if the internet/social/mobile media could ever 'replace' that .. unless/until some short hand to aid and bridge this trust & confidence gap..

the fact that as Thomas suggested, we should all have a blog, its madness not to.. this would sadly ultimately make the trust issue worst.. like X-Factor, and how the judges smirk at some guys/girls who really don't have talent.. a lot of people's 'blogs' might or might not be useful.. and thus might discourage others to join the blogsphere..

thought provoking stuff..

thanks for this


Thursday, 17 September 2009

How to Send and Receive Text Messages for Free - Gina Trapani -

How to Send and Receive Text Messages for Free - Gina Trapani -

Interesting update. I would like to clarify one thing: "Even though SMS text messages are only 160 characters and cost your cellphone carrier virtually nothing to transmit" in fact, reality is not that simple. SMS is using the 'signalling' channel within the GSM 04.08 standards, which in fact is the very precious channel on each 'cell' that is the 'nervous system' of setting up calls, transferring one mobile to next etc. Therefore, yes, you might be right on 'bandwidth' but in fact, SMS is a danger (if used too much within a cell area) that would dramatically decrease quality of service within the cell area. Case in point is, when you 'try to make a call', the mobile just keep hanging up by itself, have you experienced it? that is when there is traffic jam on the signalling channel. I know, as I devised a signalling channel planning system back when I was at BT Research lab.. don't ask me to do it again though, as I have forgotten it all (mostly). Rest I agree, from a users point of view, yes, free is great! ;-) @GarethWong

Tuesday, 1 September 2009

my comments re Fox Livens Up Re-runs With Twitter Commentaries

Fox Livens Up Re-runs With Twitter Commentaries

In terms of 'revenue' this might be a step back, not only is it not new by using twitter, which is mostly free. SMS+shortcode previously meant engagement but via short codes(mostly premium), which brings in stupid amount of money even for not so good content (esp. chat with scantily cladded people) by using twitter, it is arguably might be moving backwards. As SMS is probably the only truely pervasive 'ways' for consumers to interact (as they don't need to download any twitter client and get to know/use twitter).. however, given the hype and target audience of programs like Fringe, twitter and the possibility of interacting with cast and producers/director, might create enough buzz +enough novelty value for it to work.. IMHO, it is just buzz, unless and until it has a valid business model that helps content owner to further 'monetise' the IP and first, 2nd and 3rd runs of shows.. It might however be a valid first step.. and hope twitter is still around in 5 yrs time! @GarethWong

Sunday, 30 August 2009

my comments on How Facebook Can Ruin Your Friendships -

How Facebook Can Ruin Your Friendships -

It is mostly about 'adapting' to the new 'social networked' business and/or personal lives..

fact of the matter is that it is being 'evolved' as we speak, and also the service providers are also shifting/adapting or totally changing on a weekly/monthly basis.

Best is to dip toes and observe..

as the social/business network of choice might be very different several months down the line.

off-line Etiquettes should also be observed..

Happy social networking..


my comments re Is Apple the Enemy of the TV Industry? Microsoft Thinks So

Is Apple the Enemy of the TV Industry? Microsoft Thinks So

Co-creation plus converged distribution (TV/satellite, internet, mobile etc.) to bring perceived or measured value will be the future, as consumers would be happy to keen to pay for such service.

In order for that to happen, the market need co-creating throughout the value chain..

which sadly not enough is being done at the moment, as businesses are mostly focusing on their 'own patch'..

but it will happen.


Saturday, 29 August 2009

London Open House 19&20Sept.

Open House

Enjoy and plan ahead to visit buildings which might be otherwise closed to public..

check it out and plan ahead, sooner rather than later!



Thursday, 27 August 2009

My comments re Betfair Growing 30%, Easing over the Pond, and Hiring 50 Valley Engineers

Betfair Growing 30%, Easing over the Pond, and Hiring 50 Valley Engineers

Good commentary and update. This might not be as well known, but Betfair is one of the more opened and forward thinking firm within gaming and gambling sector. That is why in 2007, I put Betfair on one of the special panel I produced for my non profit Gambit special interest group promoting 'innovation', the public forum report hightlighted report is freely avaiable here: Furthermore, since last year, based on Betfair's technology director's request, we have also co-founded the private Gaming Technology Forum (invitation only private gatherings of industry top CTOs/CIOs) of the gaming and related sector. More innovation and collaborations can be expected, I hope. @GarethWong

Tuesday, 25 August 2009

My comments re Goldman Sachs' huddle parties investigated (Dealscape - Washington Ways & Means)

Goldman Sachs' huddle parties investigated (Dealscape - Washington Ways & Means)

Well, surely it would only be illegal if they were

1.) breaching the Chinese wall (SOX)
2.) sharing price/info sensitive information

So, yes,special treatments to the in-crowd or special relationship club is quite normal, esp. big business.

The reverse is also true where if the information is readily available, the spread/competitive advantage just get 'normalised'.

Question is if this is sustainable in the medium to long term when critical information become commoditised and with potentially news/market changing events are 'consumers' or 'customers' driven.

For example, if/when social media becomes pervasive enough where collective of opinions affects dramatically the business world, and hence becomes the money sensitive triggers.. (Reverse signalling?)

I can foresee more new names to be devised when that happens, and perfect for business book writers..


Monday, 24 August 2009

Gareth's thoughts: Truly pervasive B2C info.service, NOT from Internet! but a 26yrs old French company!?

I have had many conversations in the last week or so with my CXO contacts and Private equity friends.

Given the news of Skype vs eBay (this is a particularly good blog that highlight key issues), SpinVox (its investment has since been written off 90%) etc.

One thing was certain Hypes or even perceived success does not equal to 'true success' of the enterprise.

My definition of success is how much a service brings true value to the population (rather than niche early adopters or generation X/Y/Z, or ABC1)..

Therefore, I proposed that we should really focus energy on devising and bringing about a truly pervasive service (from access, to payment, to value delivered), in fact, we can learn from a very old service which was devised and delivered to a country BEFORE the arrival of internet.

In fact, this service is so pervasive that now even with the advent of internet, even the older generations (who might not yet use mobile nor internet) can engage with this platform at home or outside in the post office for both information or even transact..

Yes, it is the Minitel .com : services in France..

It does not look good, it is not sexy or on Techcrunch. but it gets the job done.

It might not have happened without the foresight and support from the government, but given the amount of money some of the start-ups is being invested in BEFORE even taking any revenue.. Surely some lessons can be learnt.

If old grannies know how to and can get benefit of say twitting.. the rest is really history!