Saturday, 1 February 2014

My comments, NOT for long.. and full of danger still! Bitcoin’s Emerging Price Stability | TechCrunch

Bitcoin’s Emerging Price Stability | TechCrunch:


brilliant that you predicted the price becomes stable.. what other predictions do you have?

Mark my word, as soon as another 'country' jump on the 'bandwagon' (probably TV program or news report on easy money from investing on Bitcoins).. the price will become volatile again.. What might be worst? when certain hedgefunds might decide/find ways to 'play' this market.. that would put it in the news again and again..

as mentioned before ( as per my comments on Marc's post: @GarethWong: re "It does matter" but Bitcoin is a Dangerous Non Asset and Non currency! ) might be better to use Berkshire Hathaway's shares as the price of that might be much less volatile (as long as Warren is healthy & alive! fingers crossed for all.)   However, this is much less 'sexy' and transparent and not much secret source required, consequently it is much less attractive for creating new ventures (with big multiples) for short term return/exits..

Investors, do buy if you 'must', but just keep your nest eggs untouched.