Wednesday, 11 March 2015

My Comments re ‘By separating nature from economics, we have walked blindly into tragedy’ | Global Development Professionals Network | The Guardian

Must Read: A resident walks his dog across the drying bottom of the Paraibuna dam, part of the Cantareira water system that provides greater Sao Paulo with most of its water.By separating nature from economics, we have walked blindly into tragedy’ | Global Development Professionals Network | The Guardian:

Agree, all these has been talked about for years, and it will continue to be chatted about forever unless, we can #challenge all governments' ministers to collaborate AND take full personal responsibilities + liabilities to:

1.) take an inquisitorial approach to truly absorb all the information

2.) ministers take some personal responsibility for decisions made for their government with 30/50years period time-horizon with appropriate penalty and rewards (so they truly aligned to make the #RightDecisions & #DoTheRightThing )

3.) educate and empower the B2B & B2C audience on what questions to ask, and can get to the Truth, rather than the always "both side" of the arguments..  { We need a #TruthFoundation that adopt an Inquisitorial approach (rather than Adversarial), e.g. using #InquisitorialFinance to look for fact based information to find problems and likely solutions, thus likely actions required (informed decisions can thus be made regarding B2C brands & B2B firms, and thus we should be able to decide one over another easily). }

4.) #TEF_Fund a new Umbrella global environment 'contributions' (financial & manpower) on all enterprises on their #TrueEnvironmentalFootprint (Water/CO2/Waste/pollutions/re-cycling/geological/packaging), so the fund can be used to promote/police/reward 1.)2.)3.) above

Sounds like a big and "Seemingly Un-Achievable Mission".. but we need a true viable and NEW solution!

Sadly I am afraid that even if Prof Jeffrey Sachs had become head of WorldBank (Sorry your campaign didn't work) I do not think he would be able to fix the system.  As sadly financial/government system perpetuate the status quo and can afford to have more summits until the political regimes change again.. meanwhile, our mother earth might go into the point of no return ..  I maybe wrong of course..

Truth is, no one listen and ACT after hearing from Professors but everyone will listen (& some act) after hearing from Bill Gates & Warren Buffett.. even lucky tech paper billionaires assert that kind of influence (who could be bankrupt next month) or even worst, those perceived to be rich one time Dragons.  We should all learn to #AskTheRightQuestion for sure.

I sincerely hope that despite everything, and his continuous hard work Prof Jeff can lead & fix it all for our future generations (with others' help).



Everyone should challenge themselves first and foremost, see my last blog on #SimpleIdea2015: 1 Lesson from Jim Marshall,Darwin,Churchill,JFK & FDR