Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Must watch & key points from Prof Philip Kotler: Marketing - YouTube @kotl @KOTLERMARKETING re Marketing 4.0 =creating ecosystems!

Philip Kotler: Marketing - YouTube:

Prof Kotler is one of my marketing idol, well, I had a few of his marketing books during my study for Executive MBA, believe me they were rather heavy to carry around, but glad I did and hope I had learnt and retained at least 10% after all these years.

This video is brilliant and I would say another must watch, why waste time watching cats or silly stuff when you can gain some real insights that might help your personal and business life?? shocking that there is only 36,580 views, a real gem of a free marketing lecture!

what really touched my heart was his last comments 55min in of what Marketing 4.0 will be about, regarding the creation of a new ecosystem, so close to my heart! as that is what we have been trying to do with GamBond® by creating a viable alternative to be rated, listed or audited, new industry default risk guarantee, credit insurance but for holding company level!

Monday, 29 July 2013

my comments, indeed! and your present lives in facebook could also be lost! In a Rush to Modernize, MySpace Destroyed More History @ianmilligan1

In a Rush to Modernize, MySpace Destroyed More History:

I think you are absolutely right Ian. (Please read article by Ian here.)

with our digital world, and now much more reliant on 'free' services from likes of google cloud/ apple emails etc. we run a big risk indeed!  What if one day they decided it is not 'profitable' anymore and decide to turn it all off.. (or the new owner decided that).. well, google (unlike myspace is rather profitable) still decide to turn off services whenever they feel like (although hard decision no doubt!) like googleWave, google reader just last weeks.

Most joe-blogg like me are ignorant as to what we can do with the gigs of data we created during our digital lives, let alone the specific behaviour info and other data collected without us knowing (I would argue that also needs archiving for my own use!?).

Legacy wise, it is also a very important area to look at, for argument sake, if you and other readers are our future Shakespeare-to-be, if you are reliant on digital creative writing only and when an internet only firm that you mainly use decided to pull the plug, not only would you lose everything (if you didn't know how to backup from cloud) but your children will also suffer!  Why?? When they inherit your estates, unlike Shakespeare's time, all the notes/love letters and drafts are not saved for the prosperity.. it is a dangerous trend and sadly technology world is very much like lemmings, even Microsoft is now going 'cloud'.. who would, who can really keep our own data safe!??

even if the cloud /social network services are well run and archived digitally, what happens when virus or the server centre(s) get fired or flooded or electricity spikes!?

our present outsourced model to the company that does no bad stuff like google (like myspace before) is rather dangerous, but what are the alternatives?

I in fact predicted the demise of facebook in 5years (ok by 2018!), if/when that happens, what of all the pictures/data/connections/likes of your 'previous facebook' lives?? does it mean you wasted all your time and energy?? very likely I'm afraid and yes, it will happen!

@GarethWong: Erm, no! & my predictions...(death of @Facebook in 5yrs) At 30 years old, the internet is inescapable - Telegraph http://bit.ly/13gsYyA

Wednesday, 24 July 2013

My comments re: What Inspires Me: Harvey-Jones Vs. Trump Vs. Sugar | LinkedIn

What Inspires Me: Harvey-Jones Vs. Trump Vs. Sugar | LinkedIn:

totally agree with you Steve, of course, you are THE quiet guru yourself! ;-)

I just ranted (probably incoherently) about this on growth business: RT @GarethWong: My short comments, must learn from Rebel Billionaire, The Apprentice: Best of a bad bunch - Reality TV show http://bit.ly/1dUr9bL

Reality is that "created for TV" business show is just focus on entertainment (& IMHO wasting our time), they select the candidates for some might argue mainly show off their shortcomings.  As for Dragon's den, when it was first planned/launched, the prize was initially £50k max.. I told the producer it was a joke, sadly no, but somehow it made a great TV series!!

IMHO, we need to engage more with and between top successful leaders who are otherwise too busy (invariably they all are), hence likes of my CXO Europe/Asia are bringing value to that top level of leaders.. in a private environment without danger of 'looking stupid' and learning from each other.

Lets be frank, even Sir John Harvey-Jones were lonely and helpless at times whilst he was running ICI, and thus why your Xinfu service is welcomed as the 'trusted' advisor.. some might not be able to take the pressure at the top: RT @GarethWong: RIP, top very lonely RT @guardiantech: Swisscom CEO found dead in suspected suicide http://t.co/STU5mFqdI3 @reuters http://t.co/gnUc0UfgkY

Challenge is now our media press is TV is taken over by small minority of "how great I am" celebrity business guru which sadly at times only running mid tier firm that claims to know everything..

Very much moving into the "BusinessStarSuckers" territories, almost same premise as the 'StarSuckers" documentary by Chris Atkins.

hope more people would listen to you and likes of Sir John Harvey-Jones, we need more worthwhile role models for sure!

Catchup soon!


Sunday, 21 July 2013

Anything is possible! 2 years old 娃娃國,娃娃兵,金髮藍眼睛, She comes from Germany, and she can speak Mandarin - YouTube

娃娃國,娃娃兵,金髮藍眼睛, She comes from Germany, and she can speak Chinese - YouTube:

wow, she can even recite poem! 2years old!

Everyone should think and learn like this little girl, it is possible!


静夜思 唐朝诗人李白床前明月光 


春 眠 不 觉 晓,
处 处 闻 啼 鸟。
夜 来 风 雨 声,
花 落 知 多 少

My short comments, must learn from Rebel Billionaire, The Apprentice: Best of a bad bunch - Reality TV show

The Apprentice: Best of a bad bunch - Reality TV show:

Sadly it is a a pure entertainment show created for massaging ego of Mr. Trump. There is nothing wrong with the show apprentice, of course, if it encourages more people to become entrepreneur. I just wish people would really focus on the business; not laughing at the mishaps and weak work for the guys and girls on the show.  ( I watched a series with Donald Trump, it was much better with the UK version because at least the reward for winner of each show was truly 'money can't buy stuff,' unlike the one for UK's series 1, which I didn't watch after few episodes, embarrassing indeed.)

If one put a perceived big fish of a small pond on a Pedestal, don't be surprised if that would change the dynamics.. sadly I personally meet hundreds of top guys who are 10 times more successful and 10 times more humble and insightful as Sir Alan.. (with fullest respect to Sir Alan, and indeed all the Sirs and Dames in UK which are in the hundreds, just me alone, I already have 50+ in my address book, I gave up counting!) We all know that focusing on business purely would not make interesting television, nor would it be easy to convince the camera/press-shy business moguls to engage and try to emulate the trump style & humiliate others: I do particularly feel sorry for the 'well selected wannabes' who are sadly selected as you put it in some cases for lack of skills for people's entertainment.

Acid test for 'real success??' I would like to argue that it is not the show Apprentice, but the one series of the "Rebel Billionaire", with Richard Branson (Sir?) they seems to have found and support some very successful guys/girls like the Sara Blakely of Spanx.. that is a truly much better program, re-affirming rather than putting down. And look at Sara climbing new heights truely with Manx (spanx for men)..

Despite my empathy for the apprentices who are selected, IMHO, the 3minutes of fame is not worth the potential public humiliations (remember fame is not success!) In UK however, very limited choice of proper business issues focused show like the Apprentice.. dragons den? don't get me started!

We need some proper programs that showcase/promote/educate, challenge and encourage people to learn AND Do: inception to succeed! @Be_Champion !  We definitely need some proper business role models that focus on long term success for the whole value chain.


Monday, 15 July 2013

Lessons learnt and what Hong Kong Government can do to help HKG industries. re Trunki defeats Hong Kong pirates | The Sunday Times

Trunki defeats Hong Kong pirates | The Sunday Times:

So glad for Rob Law, @TrunkiDaddy who is winning over cystic fibrosis so far (good luck in defeating it!) and disregarding the 'entertainment' show of dragons den (yes I don't watch, IMHO, they select for entertainment/humiliations vs doing real deals)

This story showcase Rob's real tenacity and self believe, and proves that creating & protecting IP is a key process & success factor of any entrepreneurs (if you can do so in your industry).  I hope he has managed to protect his IP for the rest of the world also, as illegal copying of his Trunki might already be happening elsewhere!? 

As a Hong Kong Chinese, I firmly believe that this case does not represent that all Hong Kong businesses copy like a pirate but I hope this case should signify the true "inflection point" for Hong Kong/China businesses (many ways Taiwan included also) where the businesses should start seriously thinking medium to long term now, and invest in building quality products, sustainable designs, and protect-able brands/IPs that domestic and international markets needed.  As production/factory for the world, there is enough skills transferred now, just need to develop more towards product developments, design and brands!

The happy days of easy job-lots, scale productions orders and quick bucks is sadly over, with worldwide "near-shoring" now a fact rather than "fad" means that time is now to re-invent the businesses and value chain in Chinese speaking countries! 

We Chinese can do anything if we put our minds to it. especially for southern china where the real meaning of "醒目" is encouraged & drilled into most kids as they grow up! 
Just need the right goals and directions!  All that is needed is some proper thinking and planning by the Hong Kong government to get the ball rolling. Lessons must be learnt by looking at how google campus has achieved substantial increase of  'density of network" within a short year (with major government policy and agencies like TechCity Investment). Hong Kong can certainly emulate and reinvent and do even better!  We might see other western firms 'trying' to copy in 10years time, mark my words (if HKG government can get the acts together to make this happen of course!). 


Saturday, 13 July 2013

RT @be_champion: Girl Learns 2Dance in a Year TIME LAPSE http://t.co/7OifiVs1z7 many congrat 2 @karenxcheng hope others can challenge themselves:DO Something

Girl Learns to Dance in a Year (TIME LAPSE) - YouTube:

RT @be_champion: Girl Learns 2Dance in a Year TIME LAPSE http://t.co/7OifiVs1z7 many congrat 2 @karenxcheng hope others can challenge themselves:DO Something, anything, I dare any of you, learn & practice something daily and you can excel in it, period! ;-)

Must read & ACTION! "mindful meditation" & Cognitive Bias Modification (CBM) “positivity training” apps+ computer software, "how to" guide From Pessimist to Optimist? How Positive Actions can Change your Brain, @BBCHorizon | book Rainy Brain Sunny Brain by Professor Elaine Fox @ProfElaineFox

BBC Horizon | Rainy Brain Sunny Brain by Professor Elaine Fox:

"From Pessimist to Optimist? How Positive Actions can Change your Brain

Must watch program!

please do click through the link above to view summary and how to and link to the software/tools to make yourself more positive!

+++ for purpose of some of my super busy CXO friends, at least you can see the quick summary below that links back to the fantastic site from Prof Elaine Fox, more about her, author of


Rainy Brain Sunny Brain
In Rainy Brain Sunny Brain, Elaine Fox describes a range of techniques that can actually alter our brains’ circuitry so lifelong pessimists can train themselves to think positively and find happiness, while pleasure-seekers inclined toward risky or destructive behavior can take control of their lives.
We have recreated the task we gave to Michael here so that you can try the same programme for yourself...
This will give you an indication of how you compare to other people in your general level of optimism or pessimism. Then, if you want to continue you can...
Then you can undergo attentional re-training designed to enhance a positive bias in attention – we can call this positivity training...
At the end of the 7 to 8 week period, you can take the optimism test again as well as take the attention bias test to see whether there has been any change...


DO note that it can also be used to help children!
RT @GarethWong: Meditation For Kids: Parents Turn To Mindfulness Practices To Help Children Stay Calm http://t.co/kWuFBovU3g @HuffPostParents @CAROLYN_GREG

indeed brilliant service not only from guys in the programs but also from BBC!
RT @GarethWong many thanks & Gr8 Horizon:Truth abt Personality @DrMichaelMosley Michael Moseley @BBCiPlayer http://t.co/x4ONvVtKzu feat @andy_headspace @RosalindPicard @ProfElaineFox

Wednesday, 10 July 2013

"Beijing State of Mind" is a Parody Worthy of Jay-Z vs local Chinese talents 隐藏 's 在北京 back in 2003!

"Beijing State of Mind" is a Parody Worthy of Jay-Z | Beijing Cream:

Pretty cool!

隐藏 's 

在北京 in 2003 (with westerner's singing in pretty much perfect mandarin!)

second one is much more original and lyrics much more insightful and its in Chinese/mandarin.. sadly my gut feel is the glossy version copying jay-z would be much more popular!

when they performed on CCTV:

Monday, 8 July 2013

My comments re Audit code 'could help to restore faith in banks' - Telegraph

Audit code 'could help to restore faith in banks' - Telegraph:

This makes perfect sense, and one small step in the right direction. 

penalty for failure to adopt and execute the code should be substantial enough to ensure rectification of such code & practices, however, this might push big firms with means to look for 'ways around it', one such step could be skip London altogether en mass. (its not likely to happen, but even our great Andy Murray won Wimbledon!)

Therefore, I do not envy position of Martin & Andrew as it is a very finely balanced chess strategic worldwide jurisdictional game on their hands (despite London is a leading player). 

Furthermore, same code should also be applicable for major firms whether they are FTSE50/100 or not as the sheer size of such corporations means their success and/or failure would also impact general public on medium/long term also (e.g. most pension funds would be holding BP/Cheveron and Unilever/P&G stocks!)

Internal auditors should definitely be empowered and the most senior should be on the board, but so far, their shouts (if any) have sadly (& could still be) fallen on deaf ears unless the firms are 'locked-in' to execute the code and substantial stick to ensure they perform.  

Otherwise, it is like telling kids to monitor their parents... 

(PS: some might say slightly simple questions, but who can enforce it, as it is not law but only code!? who judge if they have done according to rules? by the time all these run its course, the firm in question may already be bankrupted or be rescued... hence sadly this is not the overall answers neither!)


Tuesday, 2 July 2013

My Very important question (3 key points) for RSA - From the digital divide to inclusive innovation: the case of digital money

RSA - From the digital divide to inclusive innovation: the case of digital money:

Great panel discussions at RSA, gutted I could not join in person but glad I could listen in (on & off).

I'm slightly disappointed the panel only scratched the service (IMHO, too big panel!)


1) Good future: business models & who might be able to create a viable worldwide system was not explored.. &

2) Lessons from failures: good lessons learnt from non event of e-money regulation of UK (since 02'!) & apparent failures & lessons learnt from Mondex & others

3) Reasons for success so far, kenya & other african country example IMHO was mostly due to lack of choice/alternative & under-serviced (at times exploited) demographics..

Real question is: How does that translate to the rest of the world and who will devise a service that will be ubiquotus & add value to ALL!? Or is that not the purpose of e-money/digital money!?



Monday, 1 July 2013

we need a discussion between Dr. Michael Moseley & Prof T.Colin Campbell re Whole-food, Plant-Based Diet WFPB vs. Atkins vs 5:2 Fast Diet?? hosted by @Nuffieldtrust ?

In our constant yearning for "losing weight", "being healthy", "gaining longevity" and maybe "killing cancers/diabetes".. may form different yardstick (KPIs) and goals which means we might need to adopt different strategy, combination of lifestyle changes (food intake + exercises = lifestyle change).

Seems to me the diets that make most sense so far with scientific basis and can be proven time and again are 1.) the Whole-food, plant based diet [WFPB]
2.) 5:2 fast diet (easier to achieve than alternative days)

Both should be able to control weight but WFPB seems more drastic but much more powerful in cutting risks of having Cancers..

What I would like is to have them two fight it out and find the best for us mere mortals to follow.. unlike Bill Clinton, I cannot expect others to bend over backward to serve me (I don't have his gravitas /influence.. nor deep pocket yet!

It would be great if likes of Nuffield trust can sort out a debate, or fact based "diet-off" between the two.. !??

we can only keep hoping! ;-)

for those of you just catching up, please see below.


loved the Dr. Michael Moseley's BBC documentary:

Eat, Fast & Live Longer HD by limoslight

big press & book after: http://www.telegraph.co.uk/foodanddrink/healthyeating/10004219/Lunch-with-Michael-Mosley-the-52-diet-guru.html

that essentially created the 5:2 diet:

Contrast that with the Whole Food Plant based diet (below discussion vs. Atkins diet expert):

Pros and Cons of a Vegan Diet - WSJ.com:



What I really want to know, can I have a balance between the two!??